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Economic Importance of Fish

Economic Importance of Fish

Economic Importance of Fish (i) Fish as food: The fish flesh is an excellent source of protein, has very little fat, carries a good amount of minerals and vitamins A and D and rich in iodine. Above all man can digest it easily. (Economic Importance of Fish) (ii) Fish for …

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Types of Fisheries

Economical Importance Fisheries 

Types of Fisheries: There are two main types of fisheries: Inland fisheries and marine fisheries. 1. Inland or Fresh Water Fisheries: (Types of Fisheries) Inland fishery deals with the fishery aspects of waters other than marine water. Potentially, the vast and varied inland fishery resources of India are one of …

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Aquaculture Terms Related to Competitive Exam


Aquaculture Terms Aquaculture – also known as aqua farming, it is the controlled growth of aquatic species. Pisciculture – aquaculture practice involving finned fish. Extensive aquaculture – managed aquaculture dependent on the local natural setting, such as a pond or coastal sea area. Intensive aquaculture – managed aquaculture controlled through …

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Seafood Export and Policies in fishery

Seafood Export

Seafood Export The marine product exports from the country have crossed US $ 1 billion for the fourth consecutive time. The export touched 3,90,738 tonnes valued Rs.5124.6 crores during 1999-2000 registering an increase of 21.84% in terms of volume and 1.5% by value. During the previous year, it was 3, …

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All About Inland fisheries

Inland fisheries

Inland fisheries During the period 1987-1997, there was a steady increase in inland fisheries production, registering 45.4% during the ten-year period. Inland production, including farming, is now catching up with production from the marine sector and is likely to overtake marine capture fisheries in the next millennium. Inland production includes …

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