Post Harvest Processing

Post harvest processing encompasses an array of handling and processing system from the stage of maturation till consumption of the produce and includes threshing, cleaning, grading, drying, parboiling, curing, milling, preservation, storage, processing, packaging, transportation, marketing and consumption systems. The most important factor deciding the storability of the produce is moisture content of the produce. …

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Low Cost Post Harvest Technology

Low Cost Post Harvest Technology These are some of the technologies suitable for small farmers: 1. Solar Dryers: Drying is the cheapest mode of preservation of fruits, vegetables and other items like fish. Solar drying is practiced by mankind since times in memorable. This method of drying with solar energy is ideally practiced by many …

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Canning – Concept and Standards


Canning  The process of sealing food stuffs hermetically in containers and sterilizing them by heat for long storage is known as canning. In 1804, Appert in France invented a process of sealing foods hermetically in containers and sterilizing them by heat. In honour of the inventor, canning is also known as appertizing. Saddington in England …

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Chilling and Freezing injury on Agricultural Crops and Management

Freezing injury

Chilling and Freezing injury Symptoms of freezing, chilling injury Artichoke: Freezing injury will be initiated at 29.9°F (-1.2°C). Symptoms of light freezing injury are blistering of the cuticle and a bronzing of the outer bracts. This may occur in the field with winter-harvested buds. More severe freeze injury results in water soaked bracts and the …

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Fermented and Non- fermented Beverage

fermented Beverage

Fermented beverages : Fermented beverages are complex solutions of thousands of chemical compounds originating from the fruit itself, from the fermentation process, from the yeast and other microbial metabolism during fermentation, and from post fermentation steps (including secondary fermentations and chemical reactions during aging).Fermented Beverages Fruit juices which have undergone alcoholic fermentation by yeasts include …

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