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General Agriculture

General Agriculture pdf Download

AGRICULTURE GEOGRAPHY CONTENTS 1. AGRICULTURE 2. AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT 3. NON-FOOD CROPS 4. SOIL 5. SOIL DEGRADATION 6. PRIMARY ACTIVITIES 7. SUBSISTENCE AGRICULTURE AGRICULTURE 1. PRIMARY ACTIVITIES include all those connected with extraction and production of natural resources. 2. SECONDARY ACTIVITIES are concerned with the processing of these resources. 3. Agriculture …

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All About Culture Fishery

Culture Fishery

The culture fishery may defined as the places of confined freshwater areas from where the fishes are not only captured but also rearing and breeding of fishes have been done in these places. These culture fishery is being done in ponds, the scientific basis of rearing, breeding and also the …

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Vegetable Classification PDF Download Important For Competitive Exam

Vegetable Classification PDF Download

Vegetable Classification PDF Download Quite a large number of vegetable crops are grown in the country either on a commercial scale or limited to backyards of homesteads. Vegetable Classification PDF Download A few crops have similarity while others have dissimilarity in their climatic and soil requirements, parts, used, method of …

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Basics of Plant Physiology

Basics of Plant Physiology

PLANT PHYSIOLOGY · Two regions of the spectrum is effective photocybernetically blue to U.V. and red to near infrared. · Phytochrome is photoconvertible that is it occurs in two forms i.e. P-660 and P-730. · Based on the photoperiodic responses Garner and Allard have calassifeid the plants into 3 categories. …

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