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General Agriculture

Important For Competitive Exam

Important For Competitive Exam A resource out of place – “Pollutant”. • Allelopathic agent identified in Sorghum – Chlorogenic acid. • Methane gas is mainly released from – Rice fields. • World’s largest carbonate deposit were discouvered at “Mississipi”. • Artificial rainfall – AgI. • The transpiration/assimilation ratio is higher …

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Transpiration and Percolation

Transpiration : ▪Transpiration is the process by which water vapour leaver the living plant body and enters the atmosphere. ▪It involves continuous movement of water from the soil into roots, through the stem and cut through the leaves to the atmosphere. ▪The process include cuticular transpiration or direct evaporation in …

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Important Questions OF Agriculture

▪The direction from which the winds are corning called as: Wind ward side. Important Questions OF Agriculture ▪Agronomic measures are used to reduce erosion where slope is: Less than 2%. ▪Bench terracing is usually a practiced on slopes mnging from: 16-33 %. ▪The highest award presented to an agricultural scientist …

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New Urea Policy 2015

New Urea Policy 2015  POLICY Just like farming being inevitable for sustenance of hungry (human) beings, after the green revolution, urea has become inevitable for the very sustenance of our hungry soils. Such inevitable ‘urea’, flaunting in the ‘imports’ list is never a silver lining. With this background the ‘New …

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India’s Mega Food Park Scheme

India’s Mega Food Park Scheme – All You Need To Know About ! The recent study conducted by Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET), Ludhiana has estimated that annual value of harvest and post-harvest losses of major agricultural produce was around Rs.92,500 crore based on production data of …

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