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General Agriculture

What is Golden rice (Miracle Rice)

What is Golden rice (Miracle Rice) “Golden Rice” (R) and ordinary rice, in the hands of a scientist at the International Rice Research Institute in The Philippines. ▪One of the world’s great humanitarian crises has a simple cause and, some  researchers argue, a simple solution. But that’s where the story …

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Important Questions related to IBPS AFO

▪Crop which has highest K+ up take: Potato ▪The low pressure area near the equator called: Doldrums/1TCZ ▪Triacontanol is a growth stimulant obtains from: Leaves of Lucerne ▪Origin of soybean: China ▪Origin of tobacco: Mexico ▪State having highest area under summer maize is: Bihar ▪Indian Journal of Agriculture Sciences is …

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Important For Competitive Exam

Important For Competitive Exam A resource out of place – “Pollutant”. • Allelopathic agent identified in Sorghum – Chlorogenic acid. • Methane gas is mainly released from – Rice fields. • World’s largest carbonate deposit were discouvered at “Mississipi”. • Artificial rainfall – AgI. • The transpiration/assimilation ratio is higher …

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Transpiration and Percolation

Transpiration : ▪Transpiration is the process by which water vapour leaver the living plant body and enters the atmosphere. ▪It involves continuous movement of water from the soil into roots, through the stem and cut through the leaves to the atmosphere. ▪The process include cuticular transpiration or direct evaporation in …

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Important Questions OF Agriculture

▪The direction from which the winds are corning called as: Wind ward side. Important Questions OF Agriculture ▪Agronomic measures are used to reduce erosion where slope is: Less than 2%. ▪Bench terracing is usually a practiced on slopes mnging from: 16-33 %. ▪The highest award presented to an agricultural scientist …

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