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Functions & Types of Forest in India

Functions & Types of Forest

Functions & Types of Forest in India Function of forests: 1. Productive: They provide timer, fuel, charcoal, beedi , leaves, was and resins, fruits, tanning, materials, manure leaves, grass, bamboo, gums, lac etc. 2. Protective: Forests protect water sheds, catchments of rivers and streams against erosion. 3. Aesthatic: Forests add good appearance, landscaping …

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Basics of Irrigation Water Management

Irrigation Water Management

Certain stages in the crop growth period are made sensitive to soil moisture stress compared with others. These are known as “Moisture sensitive” or “Critical periods”. Crop Moisture sensitive period Rice, Finger millet – Primordia development, heading, flowering Sorghum – Booting, Blooming Maize – Tasseling, Silking Wheat – Crown-root initiation …

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Introduction to Forest in India

Forest in India

Introduction to Forest in India Total geographical area of India is 32, 80,500 sq. km (328.8M ha) Total forest area 7, 50,500.00 sq. km (75.06 M ha) Agricultural area is about 46.4% The second National Forest Policy was enunciated (decided) in 1952 as per which 33.33% of land should be under …

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Basics of Manure and Fertilizer

Manures and fertilizers

Manures and fertilizers • Manuring: It is the process of improving productive capacity of the soil by adding more plant nutrients to the soil in different forms. • Fertilisers are inorganic salts except “urea and calcium cyanamide”. • Decomposition of manures is allowed to reduce the wide C:N ratio to …

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