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Agro climatic Zones of India

Agro climatic Zones

Agro climatic Zones of India: The planning commission during VII plan (1985-90) divided the country into 15 broad agro-climatic zones based on physiographic and climate. The emphasis was given to the development of resources and their optimum utilization in a suitable manner within the framework of resources constraints and potentials of each region. …

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Classification of Horticultural crops

Classification of Horticultural crops

Classification of Horticultural crops Horticultural crops having many species which are grown all over India. India endowed with rich vegetational wealth. Encompassing 356 domesticated species of the economic importance and 326 species of their wild forms or relatives. Indian subcontinent enjoys rich diversity of plant wealth besides; about 9,500 other species of ethanobotanical …

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Important Primary minerals

Primary silicate minerals

=>Quartz – SiO2. =>Potash feldspar (Orthoclase) – KAlSi3O8, Soda feldspars (Albite) – NaAlSi3O8 =>Lime feldspar (Anorthite) – CaAl2Si2O8; Albite and anorthite combine to form plagioclase or soda lime feldspars. =>Feldspars are easily attacked by “water containing H2CO3”. The weathering process is called as carbonation. =>Plagioclase weathers more rapidly than orthoclase. =>Orthoclas …

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