General Agriculture Oneliner for Competitive Exam – 10

1. How many numbers of links in cases of revenue chain – 16 2. The meadow orchard is a modern method of fruit of fruit cultivation followed in which crop – GUAVA 3. Who has been conferred with prestigious world food prize 2021 – DR. SHAKUNTALA HARAKSINGH THILSTED 4. Fruit type of mustard is called …

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Animal Husbandry Important MCQ For Competitive Exam

Animal Husbandry Important MCQ

1. Punched ulcers in abomasums of cattle are characteristic of : a. Theilaria annulata b. Babesia bigemina c. Haemonchus contortus d. Ostertagia ostertagi 2. Typical sign of ripened abscess is a. Swelling b. Pain c. Fluctuation d. Pointing 3. Operation flood I was launched during (a) 1960 (b) 1970 (c) 1980 (b) 1982. 4. When …

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Terms Related To Multiple Cropping

Multiple Cropping

1) Multiple Cropping : The intensification of cropping in temporal and spatial dimensions, growing two or more crops on the same field in one year. 2) Sequential cropping: Growing two or more crops is sequence on the same field per year, the succeeding crop is planted after the preceding crop is harvested, crop intensification is …

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Important Agriculture Oneliner for Competitive Exam

🔸 India is the only country to have develops and grown hybrid cotton commercially. 🔸Karnataka is the largest producer of coffee in the country. 🔸China is the largest producing and consuming country of tobacco in the world whereas, India has third position in production of tobacco. 🔸Phenyl mercuric acid (PMA) is a chemical used in …

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General Agriculture Oneliner for Competitive Exam – 9

1. In cotton the term square means – APPEARNACE OF FLOWER BUD 2. The crop grown for grain green manure and fodder is – COWPEA 3. End point of ketch up judged by – ABSENCE OF FREE-FLOWING WATER 4. Plant quarantine method is useful only when pathogen is – SEED TRANSMITITTED 5. Soil water which …

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