Rye cultivation

Botanical name: Secale cereale Family: Poaceae Chrpmpsome number: 2n=14 Importance of Rye Minor rabi cereal Used for green fodder Pasture crop Green manure crop Cover crop Used to mix with wheat flour for bread making Area & distribution World – 16.3 M … Continue reading

Cabbage cultivation

The cabbage consists of thick leaves overlapping tightly on growing main bud called 'head’. Cabbage is very convenient to grow both on large and small-scale (kitchen garden) cultivation. Cabbage is grown throughout the country but it is more popular in Southern States where it is available … Continue reading
Pea cultivation

Pea cultivation

Peas Pisum sativum L. Fabaceae CLIMATE : The pea crop grows best in areas having coolgrowing season of at least five months' duration. These conditions are met with in the plains of Punjab, Western Uttar Pradesh, parts of Rajasthan, Delhi and in the hills of Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal … Continue reading

Oats Cereal cultivation

Oats Cereal (Avena sativa) Family  :     Gramineae Origin  :  Asia minor Introduction of Oats Cereal cultivation Oats Cereal crops are a most important crop of all as they form the staple food for mankind. Earlier, cereal crops meant only the cultivation of wheat and rice. Oats as … Continue reading