Chutney preparation


A good quality chutney should be palatable and appetizing. Mango chutney is an important food product exported from India to many countries. Apple and apricot chutneys are also very popular in the country.

The method of preparation of chutney is similar to that for jam except that spices, vinegar and salt are added. The fruits / vegetables are peeled, sliced or grated or cut into small pieces and cooked in water until they become sufficiently soft. The quality of chutney depends to a large extent on its cooking which should be done for a long time at a temperature below the boiling point.

To ensure proper thickening, cooking is done without a lid even though this results in some loss of volatile oils from the spices. Chopped onion and garlic are added at the start to mellow their strong flavours. Spices are coarsely powdered before adding. Vinegar extract of spices may be used instead of whole spices.

Spices and vinegar are added just before the final stage of cooking, because prolonged boiling causes loss of some of the essential oils of spices and of vinegar by volatilization. In mango and apricot sweet chutneys, where vinegar is used in large quantity, the amount of sugar added may be reduced, because vinegar itself acts as a preservative. These chutneys are cooked to the consistency of jam to avoid fermentation.

chutney Recipe

Fruit or vegetable slices (or) shreds – 1.0 kg, sugar (or) gur – 1.0 kg, salt – 45 g, onions (chopped)
– 50 g, garlic (chopped)-15 g , ginger (chopped) – 15 g, red chilli powder – 10 g, black pepper,
cardamom, cinnamon, cumin – 10 g each, cloves – 5 nos. and vinegar – 170 ml.


fruit or vegetable → washing → Peeling →Grating (or) slicing → cooking with a little
water to make highly soft → Mixing with sugar and salt and leaving for an hour → Keeping all
ingredients (except vinegar) in cloth bag, tied loosely, putting in mixture and cooking on low
flame →During cooking, spice bag pressed occasionally –>Cooking to cons is tency of jam (upto
105 oC) with stirring occasionally → Removal of spice bag after squeezing → Addition of vinegar
→ Cooking for 2-5 min. → Filling hot into bottles → Sealing (airtight) → Storage at ambient

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