Classification of Horticultural Crops

Why to done classification of Horticultural Crops

• Easy cultural and agronomical operation
• For breeding purpose
• For propagation use
• For plant protection purpose
• Suitability to different climatic conditions.

Horticultural crops are popularly classified into the three broad divisions of fruits, vegetables and flowers. The Horticultural crops are also classified on different basis.

I. According to growth habit & physiological characters:
(a) Herbs – lawn grosses, Ageratum
(b) Shrubs – Nerium, Hibiscus
(c) Climbers – bouganvelia
(d) Creepars – bigonia
(e) Rees – Tamarind, mango, raintree.

II. According to whether they shed their leaves during a year
(a) Deciduous – Fig, phalsa, apple, Guava, ber, pomegranate
(b) Evergreen – Mango coconut, banana, k lime.

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III. According to seasonal basis
(a) Summer Season – Cucurbits, okra, clusterbean
(b) Rainy season – Chilli, brinjal, to mato, onion
(c) Winter season – cole crops, peas

IV. According to life span of crop
(a) Annuals – flowers
(b) Biennials – carrot, onion
(c) Perennials – durmstic, little gourd

V. According to their temperature requirements.
(a) Temperate – apple, plum, grape
(b) Tropical – Guava, grape
(c) Tropical – banana, citrus, sapota

VI. According to use of plants :-

(a) Edible plants,

(b) Ornamental plants

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