Crop Seasons in India

Crop Seasons in India

Crop Seasons in India


  • Crops are sown at the beginning of the south-west monsoon and harvested at the end of the south- west
  • Seasons-May to July
  • Harvesting season-September to October
  • Important crops: Jowar, bajra, rice, maize, cotton, groundnut, jute, hemp, sugarcane, tobacco, etc


  • Crops need relatively cool climate during the period of growth but warm climate during the germination of their seed and
  • Sowing season-october-December
  • Harvesting season-February-April
  • Important crops: wheat, barley, gram, linseed, mus-tard, masoor and potatoes


  • Besides the kharif and rabi crops, there are certain crops which are being raised throughout the year due to artificial
  • Zaid kharif crops are sown in August-September and harvested in December-January.
  • Important crops: rice, jowar, rapeseed, cotton,
  • Zaid rabi crops are sown in February-March. Harvesting is in April-May.

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