Current affairs Question and Answer

1. 20th live stock census was conducted in all states and union territories from
(a) 1st sept 2018✅
(b) 1st oct 2018
(c) 1st oct 2017
(d) 2nd oct 2018

2.Which state government announced for setting up ministry of cow
a. Rajasthan
b. Maharashtra
c. Madhya pradesh✅
d. UP
e. HP

3. The cow ministry in Mp will replace the existing MPGEPSB ,Here ‘S’ represents
(a) sampada
(b) samvardhan✅
(c) security
(d) save
(e) all of these

4. Assam government launched a scheme for pregnant women working in tea garden. The ammount will be paid per women is
(a) 10,000
(b) 11,000
(c) 12,000✅
(d) 12,500
(e) 13,000

5. The 1st corn festival of the country was held in which district of Mp from 29–30sept 2018
(a) chhindwara✅
(b) jabalpur
(c) narsingh pur
(d) indore
(e) ratlam

  1. National bank for agriculture & rural development (NABARD) is organising grameena habba at
    (a) Bengaluru✅
    (b) mysore
    (c) hyderabad
    (d)both A & B
    (e) none of these

7. The ADB & the government of india signed a loan amount of __ to improve road connectivity and efficiency of international trade in
(a) $150 million ,WB✅
(b) $250million,WB
(c)$150 million,UP
(d) $250million,UP
(e)none of these

8.According to agriculture census data (2015-16) released by GOI the percent share of female operational holders increased from
(a) 12.79 to 13.79%
(b) 12.50 to 13.87%
(c) 12.79 to 13.87%✅
(d) 12.76 to 13.87%
(e) none

9. Union HRD minister announced swachh campus ranking under _ categories on 1st oct 2018
(a) 6
(b) 8✅
(c) 10
(d) 12
(e) 5

10. Which states universities topped as the cleanest government university by HRD ministry
(a) maharashtra
(b) tamil nadu
(c) haryana✅
(d) west bengal
(e) both b & c

11. Which state government has launched its own food security scheme (on 2nd oct 2018)
(a) west bengal
(b) chhatisgarh
(c) odisha✅
(d) bihar
(e) both c & d

12. The government of india and ADB signed a loan of __ million for providing sustainable safe drinking water in WB
(a) $150
(b) $240✅
(d) $450
(e) both a & b

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13. The cabinet gives MSP for rabi crops according to cabinet MSP of masur dal has been raised by rs.__
(a) rs.225 /- quintal✅
(b) rs.225 /- tonne
(c) rs.220/- quintal
(d) rs.280 /- quintal

14. The world animal day was observed in
(a) 3rd oct
(b) 4th oct✅
(c) 4th sept
(d) 3rd aug

15. Alphanso mango of __ got GI tag
(a) rajasthan
(b) maharshtra✅
(c) MP
(e) none of these

16. India & ADB signed a loan agreement of _ for upgradation 28,000km rural roads of madhya pradesh 
(a) $110 million✅
(b) $120 million
(c) $140 million
(d) none of these

17. India’s 1st dolphin research centre will be setup at
(a) ranchi
(b) raipur
(c) bhubaneshwar
(d) patna✅
(e) jaipur

18. Which state chief minister launched 2 schemes (CMSKY) & (CMKSY) for farmers to increase food and income (on october 8)
a. Andhra pradesh
b. Arunachal pradesh✅
c. Madhya pradesh
d. Bihar

19. The oldest flying squirrel fossil was discovered in
a. India
b. Spain✅
c. Korea
d. China

20. BPCL plans to commission its 2nd generation (2G) ethanol bio refinery at
a. Odisha✅
b. Bihar
c. Chhatisgarh
d. West bengal
e. None

21. A MoU was signed between india & _ for cooperation in the field of agriculture to help better productivity at farmers field
a. Russia
b. Romania
c. Lebanon✅
d. China

22. With which country india signed MoU on cooperation in enviroment production , water pollution prevention & purification of contaminated soil
a. Srilanka
b. Pakistan
c. Finland✅
d. Bangladesh

23. IWAI started roll on roll of (Ro-Ro) facility in colaboration with govt. Of _ for majuli island
a. Assam ✅
b. Meghalaya
c. Sikkim
d. Manipur

24. The theme of 2018 international day of girl child was oct 11
a. With her :- a skiled girl force✅
b. The beautiful angel
c. The precious gift
d. None of these

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