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1. 20th live stock census was conducted in all states and union territories from
(a) 1st sept 2018
(b) 1st oct 2018
(c) 1st oct 2017
(d) 2nd oct 2018

2.Which state government announced for setting up ministry of cow
a. Rajasthan
b. Maharashtra
c. Madhya pradesh
d. UP
e. HP

3. The cow ministry in Mp will replace the existing MPGEPSB ,Here ‘S’ represents
(a) sampada
(b) samvardhan
(c) security
(d) save
(e) all of these

4. Assam government launched a scheme for pregnant women working in tea garden. The ammount will be paid per women is
(a) 10,000
(b) 11,000
(c) 12,000
(d) 12,500
(e) 13,000

5. The 1st corn festival of the country was held in which district of Mp from 29–30sept 2018
(a) chhindwara
(b) jabalpur
(c) narsingh pur
(d) indore
(e) ratlam

  1. National bank for agriculture & rural development (NABARD) is organising grameena habba at
    (a) Bengaluru
    (b) mysore
    (c) hyderabad
    (d)both A & B
    (e) none of these

7. The ADB & the government of india signed a loan amount of __ to improve road connectivity and efficiency of international trade in
(a) $150 million ,WB
(b) $250million,WB
(c)$150 million,UP
(d) $250million,UP
(e)none of these

8.According to agriculture census data (2015-16) released by GOI the percent share of female operational holders increased from
(a) 12.79 to 13.79%
(b) 12.50 to 13.87%
(c) 12.79 to 13.87%
(d) 12.76 to 13.87%
(e) none

9. Union HRD minister announced swachh campus ranking under _ categories on 1st oct 2018
(a) 6
(b) 8
(c) 10
(d) 12
(e) 5

10. Which states universities topped as the cleanest government university by HRD ministry
(a) maharashtra
(b) tamil nadu
(c) haryana
(d) west bengal
(e) both b & c

11. Which state government has launched its own food security scheme (on 2nd oct 2018)
(a) west bengal
(b) chhatisgarh
(c) odisha
(d) bihar
(e) both c & d

12. The government of india and ADB signed a loan of __ million for providing sustainable safe drinking water in WB
(a) $150
(b) $240
(d) $450
(e) both a & b

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13. The cabinet gives MSP for rabi crops according to cabinet MSP of masur dal has been raised by rs.__
(a) rs.225 /- quintal
(b) rs.225 /- tonne
(c) rs.220/- quintal
(d) rs.280 /- quintal

14. The world animal day was observed in
(a) 3rd oct
(b) 4th oct
(c) 4th sept
(d) 3rd aug

15. Alphanso mango of __ got GI tag
(a) rajasthan
(b) maharshtra
(c) MP
(e) none of these

16. India & ADB signed a loan agreement of _ for upgradation 28,000km rural roads of madhya pradesh 
(a) $110 million
(b) $120 million
(c) $140 million
(d) none of these

17. India’s 1st dolphin research centre will be setup at
(a) ranchi
(b) raipur
(c) bhubaneshwar
(d) patna
(e) jaipur

18. Which state chief minister launched 2 schemes (CMSKY) & (CMKSY) for farmers to increase food and income (on october 8)
a. Andhra pradesh
b. Arunachal pradesh
c. Madhya pradesh
d. Bihar

19. The oldest flying squirrel fossil was discovered in
a. India
b. Spain
c. Korea
d. China

20. BPCL plans to commission its 2nd generation (2G) ethanol bio refinery at
a. Odisha
b. Bihar
c. Chhatisgarh
d. West bengal
e. None

21. A MoU was signed between india & _ for cooperation in the field of agriculture to help better productivity at farmers field
a. Russia
b. Romania
c. Lebanon
d. China

22. With which country india signed MoU on cooperation in enviroment production , water pollution prevention & purification of contaminated soil
a. Srilanka
b. Pakistan
c. Finland
d. Bangladesh

23. IWAI started roll on roll of (Ro-Ro) facility in colaboration with govt. Of _ for majuli island
a. Assam 
b. Meghalaya
c. Sikkim
d. Manipur

24. The theme of 2018 international day of girl child was oct 11
a. With her :- a skiled girl force
b. The beautiful angel
c. The precious gift
d. None of these

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