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52 Important Mcqs For Agriculture Competitive Examination

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1) The availability of phosphoreus is maximums at soil pH?
A] 5.5-7.5 ✅
B] 7.0-8.0
C] 6.0-8.0
D] None of the above

2) The fertilizers which have two or more than two major plant nutrient in their chemical composition are called?
A] Double fertilizer
B] Complex fertilizer✅
C] Mixed Fertilizer
D] Organic fertilizer

3) The major nutrients are:?
A] N, P, K✅
B] Fe, Mn, Zn
C] Co, Cl, Na
D] Cu, Mo, B

4) Which of the following soil texture is lighter than others?
A] Silty clay loam
B] Clay loam
C] Sandy loam
D] Loamy sand ✅

5) The N2 fixation in soyabean may be upto __ kg N2/ha/year?
A] 100 – 175
B] 60 – 100
C] 65 – 115 ✅
D] 40 – 90

 6) Which of the following state government has announced a new scheme called ‘Kanya Van Samruddhi Yojana’, wherein farmer’s families where girl children are born will be given saplings for plantation?*
A] Kerala
B] Madhya Pradesh
C] Rajasthan
D] Gujarat
E] Maharashtra✅

7) NITI Aayog and _ have signed a Statement of Intent (SOI) to work together towards implementing a Proof-of-Concept (“PoC”) application using Blockchain Technology for fertilizer subsidy management.*
A] National Fertilizers
B] Chambal Fertilizers
C] Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited✅
D] Hindalco Fertilizer Industries
E] Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals

8) Name the bank that has organized the Kisan Mela at its rural and semi -urban branches across the country to impart financial literacy to farmers.*
A] Bank of Baroda
B] Allahabad Bank
D] State Bank of India✅
E] Axis Bank

9) Which state recently signed MoU to build its first Cow Sanctuary?
A] Haryana
B] Punjab
C] Gujarat
D] Rajasthan✅

10) Which state govt. launched a zero based natural farming(ZBNF)*
A] Andhra pradesh✅
B] Madhya pradesh
C] Bihar
D] Odisha

11) Krishi kalyan abhiyan will undertaken how many villages to aid,assist and advice farmers to improve their farming?*
A] 28
B] 25✅
C] 30
D] 15

12) President Ram nath Kovind declared queen pineapple as a state food of ?
A] Tripura✅
B] Manipur
C] Meghalaya
D] Assam

13) One farmer one transformer” sheme was launched by which state govt.?
A] Chattisgarh
B] Maharastra✅
C] Punjab
D] Kerala

14) Under “Green mohanadi” mission which of the following trees were planted to stop soil erosion and recharge the groundwater reserve?
A] Mango
B] Jamun
C] Jackfruit
D] All✅

15) Fish farmers day was celebrated on ?
A] 10th may
B] 10th june
C] 10th july✅
D] 10th august

16) What amount has been allocated for Prime Minister Krishi Sinchai Yojana (PMKSY) in Budget 2018-19?*
A] Rs 2000 crore
B] Rs 2200 crore
C] Rs 2400 crore
D] Rs 2600 crore✅

17) How many rural haats will be converted into Gramin Agricultural Markets (GrAMs)?*
A] 20000
B] 21000
C] 22000✅
D] 25000

18) In the Union Budget 2018-19, 100% tax deduction to farmer producer companies has been allowed whose annual turnover more than _?*
A] Rs 100 crore✅
B] Rs 125 crore
C] Rs 150 crore
D] Rs 200 crore

19) What is the target of Agriculture credit announced in Union Budget 2018-19?*
A] Rs 10 lakh crore
B] Rs 11 lakh crore✅
C] Rs 12 lakh crore
D] Rs 13 lakh crore

20) How many mega food parks are operational in the country?*
A] 35
B] 39
C] 40
D] 42✅

21) What amount has been allocated for Ministry of Food Processing in Budget 2018-19?*
A] Rs 1000 crore
B] Rs 1200 crore
C] Rs 1400 crore✅
D] Rs 2000 crore

22)What amount has been allocated in Union Budget 2018-19 to launch restructured Bamboo Mission?
A] Rs 900 crore
B] Rs 1000 crore
C] Rs 1100 crore
D] Rs 1200 crore✅

23) The size of disc harrow is determined by.?
A] Maximum width of cut✅
B] Maximum depth of cut
C] Number of disc
D] Number of gangs

24)A ridger is used for:?
A] Clod crushing
B] Making channel✅
C] Mulching
D] Seed bed preparation

25)A mormal ploughing depth is:?
A] 15 cm
B] 30 cm
C] 40 cm✅
D] 100 cm

26)Rotary tillers art used for:?
A] Shallow cultivation and weed control✅
B] Deep cultivation and weed control
C] Both (a) & (b)
D] None of these

27)A subsoiler is used to break a hard pan of soil upto a depth of:?
A] 15 cm
B] 20 cm
C] 30 cm
D] 90 cm✅

28) A mould board of MB plough is made of?
A] Cast iron
B] Chilled cast iron
C] Mild steel
D] Soft centre steel✅

29) Sweeps are used for?
A] Seedped preparation
B] Ridging
C] Earthing plants
D] Mulching✅

30) Macermic cultivator is a?
A] Bullock drawn✅
B] Tractor drawn
C] Manually operated none of these
D] None of these

31) The type furrow opener used in zero tillage implement is:?
A] Reversible type
B] Inverted type
C] Shoe type
D] Hoe type

32) An instrument used to measure soil compaction is:?
A] Hydrometer
B] Cone penetrometer
C] Tachometer
D] Hygrometer

33) An implement that is used in till plant system is:?*
A] Ridger
B] Sweeps✅
C] Furrower
D] All are correct

34) The purpose of harrowing is to:?
A] Pulverize soil
B] Destroy weeds
C] Break clods
D] All are correct✅

35) A zero till seed-cum-fertilizer drill is designed for sowing:?
A] Paddy
B] Wheat✅
C] Potato
D] Vegetable

36) For sowing mustard seeds, the most suitable seed drill is:?
A] Plain seed drill
B] Pneumatic seed drill✅
C] Zero till drill
D] All are correct

37) In seed drill, the depth of seed placement for better germination should be:?
A] 3 cm
B] 5 cm✅
C] 7 cm
D] 10 cm

38) ASPEE is famous for manufacturing:?
A] Tractor
B] Power tillers
C] Ploughs
D] Sprayers✅

39) Power operated sprayers are suitable for:?
A] Small holdings
B] Large holdings✅
C] Medium holdings
D] None of these

40) Airplane sprayers and dusters are suitable for:?
A] Small scale work
B] Medium scale work
C] Large scale work✅
D] All are correct

41) The volume of liquid required for ground spraying of field crop is:?
A] 100 litres/ha
B] 200 litres/ha
C] 300 litres/ha
D] 400 litres/ha✅

42) The volume of liquid required for orchard spraying is about:?
A] 1000 litres/ha
B] 2000 litres/ha
C] 4000 litres/ha✅
D] 5000 litres/ha

43) Area that one man can spray in a day is:?
A] 0.1 ha
B] 0.2 ha
C] 0.3 ha
D] 0.4 ha✅

44) Amount of liquid that a man can spray in a day is:?
A] 60 litres liquid
B] 70 litres liquid
C] 80 litres liquid
D] 90 litres liquid✅

45) The pump is used in power-operated sprayer is:?
A] Plunger type✅
B] Diaphragm type
C] Gear type
D] Piston type

46) The pump used in airplane sprayers:?
A] Dentrifugal and gear pump✅
B] Gear and Diaphragm pump
C] Diaphragm and centrifugal pump
D] Plunger and centrifugal pump

47) A thresher causes more seed damage if:?
A] Speed is increased✅
B] Clearance increased
C] Speed is decreased
D] Feed rate is reduced

48)The difference between static water level and pumping water level is known as:?
A] Drawdown✅
B] Well yield
C] Specfic capacity
D] All are correct

49) The movement of water in seepage is:?
A] Downward
B] Lateral
C] Both (a) and (b)✅
D] None of these

50) The percentage of total quantity of water in the world that is saline is?
A] 67
B] 75
C] 88
D] 97✅

51) Of the following, which is the form of precipitation?
A] Rainfall
B] Snowfall
C] Hail
D] All are correct✅

52) In drizzle the size of droplet is:?*
A] Less than 0.5 mm✅
B] More than 0.5 mm
C] Equal to 0.5 mm
D] None of these








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