Dairy Technology Mcq Questions For Competitive Exam

Dairy Technology Mcq Questions

Dairy Technology Mcq Questions Important for Agriculture competitive exam

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1.By regulation, milk from cows treated with antibiotics usually must be withheld for __ hours.
a) 48 – 72
b) 30 – 60
c) 48 – 108
d) 72 – 96

Dairy Technology Mcq Questions

2.Rules developed by the ___ are designed to protect the health and welfare of consumers.
a) United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
b) Protein and Lactose Organization (PLO)
c) Future Farmers of America (FFA)
d) Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

3.What is the principal carbohydrate in the milks of all mammals?
a. Lactose
b. Glucose
c. Sucrose
d. Fructose

4.Percentage of water in buffalo milk is:-
a. 65-67 %
b. 70-75 %
c. 80-85 %
d. 87-90 %

Dairy Technology Mcq Questions

5.Soft fats in milk fat are:-
a. Lauric & Stearic
b. Capric & Lauric
c. Oleic & Butyric
d. Oleic & Lauric

6.Principal protein in milk is:-
a. Albumin
b. Lactalbumin
c. Casein
d. Lactoglobulin

7.Percentage of mineral matter in milk is about :-
a. 1 %
b. 0.7 %
c. 1.5 %
d. 0.05 %

8.Example of soft cheese is:-
a. Cheddar
b. Swiss
c. Brick
d. Cottage

9.Under which of the following weather conditions would you expect to observe the greatest decrease in milk yield per cow?
a) Cold and dry
b) Hot and humid
c) Cool and humid
d) Warm and dry

10.Mixture of milk and cream containing not less than 10.5 percent milk fat, but less than 18 percent milk fat, is the definition of?
a) Light whipping cream
b) Light cream
c) Half-and-half
d) Heavy cream

Dairy Technology Mcq Questions

11.The feed additive isoacid gives a __ pound daily milk response, with maximum response in early lactation.
a) 2 to 4
b) 4 to 6
c) 6 to 8
d) 8 to 10

Dairy Technology Mcq Questions

12.Lactose has water solubility of
a. 100%
b. 50%
c. 18%
d. 25%

13.Which enzyme is tested for cream pasteurization?
a. Plasmin
b. Phosphatas
c. Catalase
d. peroxidase

14.Milk is a good source of all water-soluble vitamins except for ___
a) Cyanocobalmin
b) Riboflavin
c) Ascorbic Acid
d) Thiamine

Dairy Technology Mcq Questions

15.____ is a milk process that makes milk more easily digested by those with a sensitive digestive system.
a) Ionization
b) Evaporation
c) Pasteurization
d) Homogenization

16.___ amino acids are commonly found in milk proteins, including the essential amino acids.
a) 7
b) 12
c) 14
d) 19

17.Summer milk has been estimated to contain 1.6 times as much vitamin __ as winter milk.
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

18.The milk becomes the property of the buyer once ?
a) The transport truck reaches the plant
b) It is loaded into the transport truck on the farm
c) The transport truck leaves the farm
d) It is unloaded into the processor’s bulk tanks

19.Cows with ___ have a higher incidence of mastitis because physical injury is more likely.
a) Sickled hocks
b) Horns
c) Lower foot angles
d) Pendulous udders

20.Of the listed below products, which contains no dairy ingredients?
a) Gelato
b) Sherbet
c) Custard
d) Sorbet

Dairy Technology Mcq Questions

21.As it comes from a cow, the solids portion of milk contains approximately 3.7 percent fat and __ percent solids-not-fat.
a) 3%
b) 6%
c) 9%
d) 12%

22.Milk contains 87 % water and the rest is solids and fats. Which of the following is not included as milk solid?
a) Protein
b) Water
c) Carbohydrate
d) Milk Fat

23.The part of the mammary gland where milk is produced is called:
a) Capillary
b) Teat Cistern
c) Chine
d) Alveolus

24.The heritability of the traits for milk production is:
a) 15%
b) 25%
c) 55%
d) 100%

25.The Primary Milk carbohydrate is:
a) Leucine
b) Sucrose
c) Arginine
d) Lactose

26. The primary Protein in Milk is:
a) Casein
b) Tryptophan
c) Lysine
d) Arginine

27.What is the application of any effective method or substance to a clean surface for destruction of pathogen is called?
a. Pasteurization
b. High Temperature Treatment
c. Sanitization
d. Cleaning

Dairy Technology Mcq Questions

28.A product consisting of a mixture of milk and cream which contains not less than 10.5% milk fat is called?
a. Concentrated Milk
b. Low Fat Milk
c. Half-and –Half
d. Eggnog

29.The process of raising or lowering the percent of fat in milk or cream to a desired standard is called?
a. Enrichment
b. Fortification
c. Standardization
d. None of the above

30.The high nutritive value of cheese is due to
a. High mineral contents
b. High protein contents
c. Taste & flavor
d. All of the above

31.The specific gravity of milk fat at 21°C is?
a. 0.70
b. 0.82
c. 0.93
d. 0.98

Dairy Technology Mcq Questions



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