Extension Education at a Glance:

What is Extension https://asahiramen.com/valium-for-sale/ Education”– The following points have to be kept in mind to understand it.
(1) It is a system in which youth both male and female, adult people and women are encouraged to work for their own development and prosperity.
(2) Extension Education is an informal system of education for all rural people.
(3) Extension Education brings required change among the people of rural area.
(4) Extension Education helps only those people who are prepared to help themselves.
(5) It educates people as to how to achieve their target.
(6) Extension Education educates people through “learning by doing” and “seeing is believing”.
(7) Extension Education is a two-way system of education. It brings scientific knowledge to the rural people and conveys the problems of rural people to the scientific institution for solution.
(8) Extension Education works together with the rural people, and thereby helps people to bring prosperity to their home, family, society, community and country.
(9) Extension Education helps in personality development, raising standard of living of people, developing local leaders and development of society and country.
(10) Extension Education is a continuous educational process, which goes on between teachers and learners. In this both teacher and learner benefit and learn from each other.

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