Famous Name Of Some Crops

Famous Name Of Some Crops


King of cereals : Wheat

Queen of cereals : Maize

King of pulses : Chickpea

Queen of pulses : Pea

King of oilseeds : Groundnut

Queen of oilseeds : Sesame (Til)

Coarsest of all food grains : Kodo (Paspulum scrobiculatum)

King of fruits : Mango

Queen of fruits : Pineapple

King of temperate fruits : Apple

King of spices : Black Pepper

Queen of spices : Cardamom

King of vegetables : Potato

Queen of vegetables : Okra

Wonder crop : Soybean

King of fodder crops : Berseem

Queen of fodder crops : Lucerne

King of Arid and semi fruits : Ber

National fruits of India : Mango

Wonder tree : Neem

Bio energy plant : Jatropha

King of flower crops : Rose

Queen of flower crops : Gladiolus

Adams fig : Banana

Oldest cultivated tropical fruits : Banana

Tree of heaven : Coconut

King of nut crops : Walnut

Queen of nut crops : Peanut

White gold of America : Cotton

Yellow jewel of America : Soybean

Backbone of America : Maize

Sugar bowl : Cuba

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