Fertilizer and Pesticide consumption Scenario (2017-18)

Fertilizer Scenario (2017-18)

Fertilizer Scenario (2017-18):

➢ Total consumption of fertilizers in India in 2017-18 is- 26.79 million metric tone (MMT)

➢ NPK use ratio in India in 2017-18 is- 6.2:2.5:1

➢ Optimum use of NPK ratio is- 4: 2:1

➢ Total production of NP fertilizers in India during 2016-17- 18.14 MMT (N fert- 13.42, P fert- 4.72 MMT)

➢ Production of Urea in India- 24.03 MMT; DAP- 4.65 MMT, SSP-3.91 MMT

➢ Total Import of fertilizers during 2017-18- 15.44 mmt (Urea- 5.98 mmt, DAP4.22 mt, NP/NPK- 0.5 mt & MOP-4.74 mt)

➢ Mostly Imported fertilizer- Potash from Jordan and Tunesia

➢ India is third in fertilizer production and second in consumption (China is first in fertilizer consumption)

➢ Per hectare consumption of fertilizers in India during 2016-17 is- 135 kg/ha

➢ Per ha consumption of fertilizers highest in – Punjab

➢ Fertilizer Control order-

1985 Neem Coated Urea (45 Kg bag)– incorporated as regular fertilizer in 2010

❖ Indigenous manufacturing of Neem coated Urea started in –2014

❖ Neem coated Urea is sold at- 5% above the MRP to recover the cost of coating

❖ Neem coated urea save urea by-20-30%

New Urea policy-2015:

the government allowed the urea producers to produce up to 100% of production as Neem coated urea.

❖ 100 % Neem Coated production of urea made mandatory on – 2015.

Nutrient Based Subsidy:

scheme started in the Year- 2010-11

❖ Where a fixed rate of subsidy is announced on nutrients. The NBS covers three macro nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) and two micro nutrients (Zinc and Boron).

Pesticide consumption scenario (2017-18)

❖ Total registered pesticides in India (2018)- 287

❖ Total banned pesticides in India- 28

Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee (CIB & RC) –To facilitate the registration of safe, efficacious and quality pesticides for domestic use and export

❖ The major pesticides applications are found in- Rice and Cotton crops (1st Paddy, 2nd Cotton)

Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Punjab are top three states contributing to 45% of pesticide consumption in India.

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