Floriculture One Liner Question Important For Competitive Exam

Floriculture One Liner Question

Floriculture One Liner Question

1)leading flower product exporter-netherland(57%)

2) leading flower product importer-germany

Floriculture One Liner Question

3)country having large market of cut flower –germany

4)state having max area under –karnataka

5)state having max production-tn TAMIL NADU

6)largest importer of floriculture product from india-usa(27%)

7)max cut flowers production in Ind –wb (WEST BENGAL)

8)flower cover max area in Ind –jasmin (Floriculture One Liner Question)

9)Hogarth cource also known as – line of beuty

10)”beautiful garden”wrietten by-ms.randhwa

11)japanese flower arrange ment also called-ikebana

12)largest producer of loos flower-india

13)mughal garden situated at-pinjore,haryana

14)rose garden situated at-chandigarh

15)mandhor garden situated at –jodhpur

Floriculture One Liner Question

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16)Buddha jayanti park situated at-N.Delhi

17)brindavan garden situated at-mysore

18)national botanical garden situated at-lucknow

19)biggest formal garden-brindavan

20)mughal,Persian gardens are the eg og-formal garden

21)the garden reflect naturalistic effect of total view and represent natural beuty-informal garden

22)japanis ,English garden are eg of-nonformal garden

23)rose,English garden are the eg of- free style garden

24)terraces,high building,running water,baradari,high protecting wall are the feature of- mughal gardan

25)garden lanterns,garden pagoda,dry landscape,wells are feature of- Japanese garden

26)Buddha jayanti park are eg of-japanis gardan

27)herbacious border,cottage garden,lawn,rockery are feature of – English garden

28)Persian,tashtrapati,tea garden are eg of-english garden

29)heart of garden-lawn

30)planting of grass in lawn by method-turf method

31)best method of planting of qlawn-turf method

32)origin of rose-india

33)queen of flower –rose

34)flower is symbol of beuty-rose

35)rose is national flower of-england

36)rose planting time – sept to oct

37)rose propogation- t – budding

38)budding time-nov to feb

39)fruit of rose- hips

40)b.p.pall related to-rose budding

41)gulkand is made from- rose petols + suger(1:1)

42)white flower var of rose-tushar

43)red flower var of rose-crimson

44)thornless var of rose-pusa mohit,suchitra

45)in rose pulsing treatment done for-increse self life of flower

46)gladiolus is propagated by-corn/tissue culture

47)priyadarshani , happy end , friendship , suchitra are var of – gladiolus

48)common name of chryasanthemum-guldaudi

49) chryasanthemum origin-china

50) chryasanthemum propogat-root suckers

51)Diana basanti rakhi birbalsahani Indira red gold are var of- chryasanthemum

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Floriculture One Liner Question


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