Floriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam

Floriculture One-liner

πŸ”°What is the essential oil content in fresh matured flower? *- 1.25%*

πŸ”° Commercial Propagation is done by? *- Seed*

πŸ”°Seed rate requirement? *- 1-1.5 kg/ha*

πŸ”° Optimum Spacing? *- 60 x 60 cm or 45 x 45 cm.*

πŸ”° Nutritional dose of N:P:K? *- 100:50:50 kg/ha*

πŸ”° How many days after plantingΒ Nipping /tipping is done? *- 30*

πŸ”° Thirty days after planting terminal portion should be tipped / removed to encourage the branching is called? *- Nipping /tipping*

πŸ”° Which is the triploid variety of marigold? *- Nugget*

πŸ”° S.P.S. Raghava is associated with which flower crop? *- Marigold*

πŸ”° Which is a open pollinated variety of marigold? Pusa Basanti

πŸ”° Pinching of rainy crop is beneficial to? *- Avoid water logging.*

πŸ”° How many month after Seedling become ready for planting? *- 1 month*

πŸ”° Male sterility in African marigold is due to? *- Female character*

πŸ”° Which type sterility is very common in marigold? *- Genetic male sterility*

πŸ”° Which type of self incompatibility is found in marigold? *- Protandary*

πŸ”° Marigold is a? *- Herbaceous plant*

πŸ”° Yield of African marigold? *- 11-18 t/ha*

πŸ”° Yield of French marigold? *- 8-12 t/ha*

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