Food Import for Competitive exam

 Food Import


-Dormant application pending for more than 3month will be remove from FICS


–Under Regulation 2.1.7 (1) of FSS (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations 2011, a license granted under these Regulations shall be valid and subsisting, unless otherwise specified, for a period of 1 to 5 years as chosen by the Food Business Operator, from the date of issue of license subject to remittance of fee applicable for the period and compliance with all conditions of license.

– In case of imported packaged food consignments, the following special dispensation on labeling shall be allowed for the rectification at the custom bound warehouse by affixing a single non detachable sticker or by any other nondetachable method next to the principle display panel namely:― a) Name and address of the importer; b) Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s Logo and license number, c) Non-Veg or Veg Logo d) Category or sub category along with generic name, nature and composition for proprietary food

Sample Collection Techniques

Form III use for sampling purpose

FORM VI (Refer rule 3.4.3 (7)) Memorandum to Food Analyst
: The FSO/ Authorized Officer must obtained the following Information;
➢ name of the food;

➢ lot number;

➢ container size or sizes;

➢ product code numbers;

➢ labelling information;

➢ condition of the lot, i.e., broken packages, evidence of rodent or insect infestation, debris, etc.;

Quantity of Food Samples to be collected for Analysis

Under the provision of Rule No. 13 (FSSA), the quantity of sample of food to be sent to the Food Analyst / Director for analysis shall be as specified in the table below:

Article of food — Approximate quantity to be supplied
1. Milk 500 ml.
2. Sterilized Milk/UHT Milk 250 ml.
3. Malai/Dahi 200 gms.
4. Yoghurt/Sweetened Dahi 300 gms.
5. Chhana/Paneer/Khoya/Shrikhand 250 gms.
6. Cheese/Cheese spread 200 gms.

7. Evaporated Milk/Condensed Milk 200 gms.
8. Ice-Cream/Softy/Kulfi/Ice Candy/Ice lolly 300 gms.
9. Milk Powder/Skimmed Milk Powder 250 gms.
10. Infant Food/Weaning Food 500 gms.
11. Malt Food/Malted Milk Food 300 gms.
12. Butter/Butter Oil/Ghee/Margarine/Cream/ Bakery Shortening 200 gms.
13. Vanaspati, Edible Oils/Fats 250 gms.
14. Carbonated Water 600 ml.
15. Baking Powder 100 gms
16. Arrowroot/Sago 250 gms
17. Corn flakes/Macaroni Products/ Corn Flour/ Custard Powder 200 gms.
18. Spices, Condiments and Mixed Masala(Whole) 200 gms.
19. Spices, Condiments and Mixed Masala (Powder) 250 gms.
20. Nutmeg/Mace 150 gms.
21. Asafoetida 100 gms
22. Compounded Asafoetida 150 gms.
23. Saffron 20 gm. Quantity of Food Samples to be collected for Analysis
24. Gur/jaggery, Icing Sugar, Honey, Synthetic Syrup, Bura 250 gms.
25. Cane Sugar/Cube sugar/Refined Sugar/Dextrose, Misri/ Dried Glucose Syrup., 200 gms
26. Artificial Sweetener 100 gms.
27. Fruit Juice/Fruit Drink/Fruit Squash 400 ml
28. Tomato Sauce/Ketchup/Tomato Paste, Jam/Marmalade/ Tomato Puree/Vegetable Sauce 300 gms.
29. Non Fruit Jellies 200 gms.

30. Pickles and Chutneys 250 gms.
31. Oilseeds/Nuts/Dry Fruits 250 gms.
32. Tea/Roasted Coffee/Roasted Chicory 200 gms.
33. Instant Tea/Instant Coffee/Instant Coffee Chichory Mixture 100 gms.
34. Sugar Confectionery/Chewing Gum/Bubble Gum 200 gms.
35. Chocolates 200 gms.
36. Edible Salt 200 gms.
37. Iodised Salt/ Iron Fortified Salt 200 gms.
38. Food Grains and Pulses (Whole and Split) 500 gms.
39. Atta/Maida/Suji/Besan/Other Milled Product/ Paushtik and Fortified Atta/Maida 500 gms.
40. Biscuits and Rusks 200 gms.
41. Bread/Cakes/Pastries 250 gms. Quantity of Food Samples to be collected for Analysis 41. Bread/Cakes/Pastries 250 gms.
42. Gelatin 150 gms.
43. Catechu 150gms.
44. Vinegar/Synthetic Vinegar 300 gms.
45. Food colour 25 gms.
46. Food colour preparation (Solid/Liquid) 25 gms Solid/100 ml liquid
47. Natural Mineral water/Packaged Drinking water. 4000 ml
48. Silver Leafs 1 gm 49. Prepared Food 500 gms.
50. Proprietary Food, (Non Standardised Foods) 300 gms.

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