Food Safety Audits

To strengthen the food safety surveillance system, FSSAI has envisaged audits of Food Business Operators through Private Auditing Agencies. In order to cultivate and foster the growth of compliance culture, FSSAI is enabling compliance through private recognised Auditing Agencies. Food Safety and Standards (Food Safety Auditing) Regulations, 2018 have been notified on 28th August 2018 for the same.

Food Safety Audits will reduce the regulatory Food Safety Inspections conducted by Central or State Licensing Authorities. Satisfactory Audits will lead to less frequent regulatory inspections by Central or State Licensing Authority except the regulatory sampling. This will strengthen food safety surveillance system and encourage self-compliance while at the same time assuring safe food to the consumers


Safe water for healthy living

The Project Clean Drinking Water:

Assures that the information pertaining to the manufacturing/ processing of packaged drinking water/ mineral water should be more transparent to the consumers. Amplified as a ‘confidence building exercise’ for the packaged drinking water, this project aims to strive that consumers have the right to expect that the packaged drinking water/ mineral water they purchase should be safe and of high quality Consumers shall be able to verify the physical, chemical & microbiological safety of packaged drinking water/ mineral water through the system developed for the purpose

• To enable consumer to make an informed choice on the quality of water being consumed

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