Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner For Competitive exam-1

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Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner



Quest.Mango is also known as

Ans.King of fruits/National fruit/Bathroom fruit

Quest.The botanical name of mango

Ans.Mangifera indica

Quest.Mango belongs to which family


Quest.The origin place of mango

Ans.Indo-Burma region

Quest.Leading Mango producing state having maximum area under mango

Ans.Uttar pradesh(Fruit Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.The commercial propagation method of mango

Ans.Veneer grafting

Quest.The normal planting space of mango

Ans.10m × 10m

Quest.High density planting (2.5 m × 2.5 m) of mango is done in

Ans.Amrapalli variety

Quest.Most popular variety of India


Quest.Sweetest variety of mango

Ans.Chousa(Fruit Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Regular bearer varieties of mango

Ans.Ratna, Neelum, Himsagar, Gulab khas, Pairy and Totapari

Quest.Seedless variety of mango


Quest.Mallika is a cross of

Ans.Neelam × Dashehari

Quest.Amrapalli is a cross of

Ans.Dashehari × Neelam

Quest.Ratna is a cross of

Ans.Neelam × Alphanso (Fruit Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Sindhu is a cross of

Ans.Ratna × Alphanso

Quest.Most commonly used for flower induction


Quest.The pollinator of mango is


Quest.Bearing habit of mango is


Quest.Fruit drop in mango is controlled by
Ans.2, 4-D (Fruit Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Mango malformation is controlled by


Quest.Spongy tissue is due to

Ans.Convection heats

Quest.Internal fruit necrosis is due to

Ans.Boron deficiency (Fruit Cultivation One Liner)


Quest.The botanical name of guava

Ans.Psidium guajava

Quest.The normal planting space of guava

Ans.10m × 10m

Quest.The commercial propagation method of guava

Ans.Air layering

Quest.Which guava variety is known as Sardar

Ans.Lucknow- 49

Quest.Dual purpose variety of guava

Ans.Lalit (Fruit Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Parthenocarpic variety of guava

Ans.Allahabad round

Quest.Kohir safed is a cross of

Ans.Kohir × Allahabad Safeda

Quest.Safed Jam is a cross of

Ans.AS × Kohir

Quest.The fruiting time of Mrig bahar
Ans.Nov-January (Fruit Cultivation One Liner)


Quest.Origin of Papaya

Ans.Tropical America

Quest.Yellow pigment in papaya


Quest.The commercial propagation method of papaya

Ans.Seed (500 g/ha)

Quest.Planting space of papaya


Quest.Best suited variety for high density planting of papaya

Ans.Pusa nanha (1.25m×1.25m) (Fruit Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Highest papain yielding variety

Ans.Pusa majesty

Quest.Pusa delicious, Pusa majesty, CO-3 and Coorg honew dew are

Ans.Gynodioecious varieties

Quest.The serious disease of papaya

Ans.Damping off

Quest.The fruiting time of papaya


Quest.The chemical used for better colour and keeping quality of papain

Ans.Potassium meta-bi-sulphite (KMS) (Fruit Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Enzyme present in dried latex of papaya


Quest.Pusa dwarf, Pusa Nanha and Pusa giant are naturally



Quest.The botanical name of pomegranate

Ans.Punica granatum

Quest.The normal planting space is

Ans.6m × 6m

Quest.Commercial propagation method

Ans.Air layering

Quest.The hybrid variety of pomegranate


Quest.Most popular vary

Ans.Ganesh and Dholka

Quest.Fruit cracking is most probable in

Ans.Mrig bahar season

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