Fruit Productivity Important Features

Fruit Productivity


India holds the first position in fruit production, Brazil holds the second position.

Mango :

Largest acreage (42%) and production (40%).

• Some important varieties are Alphanso of Maharashtra, Bangnapalli of Andhra,Dashehari & Langra of UP Malda of W. Bengal.

• Largest hectereage of mango is in UP. Other important producing regions are Bihar (second largest producer) A.P., West Bengal, Orissa, T.N., Coastal Maharashtra.

Banana :

India produces 11% of world banana, second and largest producer after Brazil.

• Main producing areas are T.N. (Tiruchi), Maharashtra (Jalgaon), Gujarat, M.P., S. Kerala.

Grape :

Known as “Anab-e-Shahi”, its productivity is highest in India (85 tonnes/ha).

• Main producing area are Coorg district of Karnataka; Wynad in Kerala; Nilgiri in T.N.; Khasi, Jaintia and Lushai hills in Meghalaya; Pune, Nasik, Sholapur, Songli Ahmed nagar district of Maharashtra; Himachal Pradesh and Andhra.

Citrus :

Maharashtra cover 20% of total citrus area, Nagpur Mandarins is considerd to be best in the world. Other main districts are Amravati, Wardha and Vidarbha.

Apple :

Among temperate fruits, it alone accounts for more than 50% of total production. NW Himalayan region covers 95% of total area and 85% of total production.

Sapota :

India holds the first position in the production.

• High productivity is achieved in Karnataka followed by Maharashtra.

Glimpse of Indian Horticulture

• India is endowed with a remarkably heterogeneous area characterized by a great diversity of agro climatic zones, allowing for production of a variety of horticultural crops – fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, plantation crops, root and tuber crops, and medicinal and aromatic crops.

• Globally, second largest producer of fruits and vegetables.

• Largest producer of mango, banana, coconut, cashew, papaya, pomegranate etc.

• Largest producer and exporter of spices.

• Ranks first in productivity of grapes, banana, cassava, peas, papaya, etc.

• Export growth of fresh fruits and vegetables in term of value is 14% and of processed fruits and vegetables is 16.27%.

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