FSSAI Technical Officer Pdf Notes

FSSAI Technical Officer Pdf Notes

FSSAI Technical Officer Pdf Notes

POST: Assistant Director (Technical), Technical Officer and Central Food Safety Officer

FSSAI Technical Officer Syllabus

The paper would be in two parts, with 100 Objective MCQ type questions to be attempted in 120 minutes. 4 marks would be given for each correct answer and 1 mark deducted for each wrong answer.  {FSSAI Technical Officer Pdf Notes}

Note: The level of the paper will be consistent with the educational qualifications prescribed for each post.
Part A – 25% weightage General Aptitude and Computer literacy.

Part B – 75% weightage Functional Knowledge test.

PART A: General Aptitude and Computer Literacy – indicative syllabus.

Subject and Syllabus:-


General Intelligence: would include questions of both verbal and non-verbal type for e.g. Questions on analogies, similarities and differences, space visualization, problem solving, analysis, judgment, decision making, visual memory, discriminating observations, relationship concepts, arithmetical reasoning, verbal and figure classification, arithmetical number series, non-verbal series etc.  5 Questions (FSSAI Technical Officer Pdf Notes)

FSSAI Technical Officer Pdf Notes

General Awareness: Questions to test the ability of the candidates General Awareness of the environment around him/her and its application to society. Also testing knowledge of currents events and matters of every day observation as may be expected of an educated person. The test will include questions relating to India and neighboring countries specially pertaining to History, Culture, Geography, Economic scene, General Polity including Indian Constitution, sports and scientific research etc. These questions will be such that they do not required a special study of any discipline 5 Questions

English language Comprehension: Would test the candidates understanding of the English language its vocabulary, grammar etc. Would include questions on comprehension, on word substitution, synonyms and antonyms, spelling error, spotting errors in sentences, grammar – noun, pronoun, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, conjunctions, use of ‘a’ ‘an” and ‘the’, idioms and phrases etc. 5 Questions

COMPUTER LITERACY Candidate is expected to be able to handle all regular office work on computers. Knowledge of MS office (word, excel, powerpoint) including basic commands, Google Doc, emails, commonly use social media handles (Whattsapp,FB, Twitter etc). would be tested. 10 Questions (FSSAI Technical Officer Pdf Notes)

Part B
Functional Knowledge Test:

  1. Food Safety ecosystem – National and International, with special focus on roles, functions and initiatives of FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). FSSAI Technical Officer Pdf Notes

  2. Subject specific knowledge.

PART B: Functional Knowledge- indicative syllabus. Subject and Syllabus No. Of Questions Indian and International Food Laws (An Overview) (FSSAI Technical Officer Pdf Notes)

 Food Safety and Standards Act of India, 2006: Provision, definitions and different sections of the Act and implementation.

 FSS Rules and Regulations

 Overview of other relevant national bodies (e.g. APEDA, BIS EIC, MPEDA, Spice Board etc.)

 International Food Control Systems/Laws, Regulations and Standards/Guidelines with regard to Food Safety – (i) Overview of CODEX Alimentarius Commission (History, Members, Standard setting and Advisory mechanisms: JECFA, JEMRA JMPR): WTO agreements (SPS/TBT):

 Important national and international accreditation bodies 25 FSSAI – Role, Functions, Initiatives ( A General Understanding)

 Genesis and Evolution of FSSAI

 Structure and Functions of Food Authority

 Overview of systems and processes in Standards, Enforcement, Laboratory ecosystem, Imports, Third Party Audit etc.

 Promoting safe and wholesome Food (Eat Right India, Food Fortification, snf, Clean Street Food Hub, RUCO and various other social and behavioural change initiatives)

 Training and capacity building

 Role of State Food Authorities 25 Subject Matter Knowledge 25 Principles of Food Preservation, Processing and Packaging

 Food Processing Operations, Principles, Good Manufacturing Practices

 Overview of food preservation methods and their underlying principles including novel and emerging methods/principles

 Overview of food packaging methods and principles including novel packaging materials/techniques Principles and Basics of Food Chemistry and their role in Human Nutrition

 Structure and functions of macro-and micro nutrients

 Role of macro and micronutrients in human nutrition

 Overview of food additives with respect to their technological functions

 Overview of anti-nutritional factors and their removal from foods

 Overview of enzymes as food processing aids

 Overview of nutraceuticals and functions foods

 Overview of food contaminants and adulterants and their effects on human health

 Food allergens and allergenicity

 Importance of diet in alleviating health risks, especially non-communicable diseases Food Microbiology & General principles of Food Hygiene

 General principles of food microbiology and overview of food borne pathogens

 Overview of sources of microorganisms in food chain (raw materials, water, air, equipment etc.) and microbiological quality of foods

 Microbial food spoilage and Food borne diseases

 General principles and techniques in microbiological examination of foods.

 Overview of beneficial microorganisms and their role in food processing and human nutrition

 General principles of food safety management systems including traceability and recall – sanitation, HACCP, Good production and processing practices (GMP, GAP, GHP, GLP, BAP, etc) General concepts of Food Analysis and Testing (FSSAI Technical Officer Pdf Notes)

 Fundamentals of field level and laboratory sampling with reference to importance of statistical tools.

 Overview of basic/classical methods of food analysis

 Overview of modern analytical techniques including mass spectrometry and molecular techniques.

 Principles of Quality assurance and Quality control with reference to food analysis and testing.

FSSAI Technical Officer Pdf Notes

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