General Agriculture MCQ For Competitive exam-12

General Agriculture MCQ

General Agriculture MCQ

#Which of the following is the source of agro-industries organic waste?

A. Crop residues

B. Piggery

C. Press mud

D. Market waste

#The 15% more trees could be accommodated in the?

A. Square System

B. Hexagonal System

C. Contour System

D. None

#With Reference the principle of economics as applied to agriculture, when marginal product increase, average product?

A. Increase

B. Decrease

C. Remain Constant

D. Fixed

#Under Micro-Economics study of?

A. Price Theory

B. Farm Theory

C. Market Management

D. None

(General Agriculture MCQ)

#Concept of Crystallized labor given by?

A. Marshall

B. Keynes

C. Mill

D. Karl Marx

#National Income Generated By Agriculture is Calculated by using?

A. Income Method

B. Output Method

C. Expenditure Method

D. None

#Income effect is stronger than substitution effect for?

A. Inferior Goods

B. Giffen Goods

C. Normal Goods

D. None

#When Total Product remains constant, the marginal Product will be?

A. Zero

B. Positive

C. Constant

D. None

#Chemical Formula of Gypsum is?

A. CaCO3

B. CaSO4.2H2O

C. CaPO4


#Plant food manufactured by the process of photosynthesis in the presence of a nutrient in chlorophyll is?

A. Ca

B. Mg

C. Iron

D. Boron

#During germination radical and plumule develop from?

A. Embryo

B. Endosperm

C. Hilum

D. Seed coat

(General Agriculture MCQ)

#Which of the following plants bear true _owers with stamens. pistils or both with seed containing an embryo?

A. Spermatophyta

B. Gymnospermae

C. Angiospermae

D. OMonocotyledonae

# Name the winter annual weed from the following?

A. Commelina benghalensis

B. Boerhavia erecta

C. Chenopodium album

D. Aternanthera echinata

#Which can help a producer in determining how much of a product is required the produced?

A. Factor-Product Relationship

B. Law of Increasing Returns

C. Factor-Factor Relationship

D. Law of Constant Returns

#Which one of the following Material is widely used for coating in iron & steel pipes to avoid corrosion?

A. Tar & Cement Moltar

B. Bitumen & Asphite

C. Enamels & Resins

D. Paints & Resins

#Which one of the following is used in organic farming to prevent weed Germination & growth?

A. Cow pea

B. chick pea

C. linseed

D. Mulching

#Which of the Following Disease is not caused by Polluted Water & Unsanitary Conditions?

A. Malaria

B. Fluorosis

C. Cholera

D. Hepatitis

#What is the Purpose of Instrument Tintometer?

A. Measure the temperature in the water

B. Measure the color in the water

C. Measure the Odour in the water

D. Measure the Turbidity in Water

#Syngamy results in formation of which zygote?

A. Diploid

B. Haploid

C. Monoploid

D. Tetraploid

#Plant Parasitic Nematode Feed on the of the Plant?

A. Leaves

B. Stem

C. Fruits

D. Roots

#Which one of the size reducer equipment accepts feed particles less than 6mm to get the output of de_nite size and shape?

A. Crushers

B. Grinders

C. Ultra fine grinder

D. Ultra grinder

(General Agriculture MCQ)

#Who Write the Book ‘I Too Had a Dream’?

A. MS Swaminathan

B. Arun Jeitely

C. APJ Abdul Kalam

D. Verghese Kurien

#Which of the Following Gas Present in the biogas has composition value 0-1%?

A. CO2

B. N2

C. H2

D. O2

#Seed Treatment with chemical?

A. Plant Selection

B. Nutrients Management

C. Genetic Improvement

D. None of these

#Term Mitosis is coined by?

A. E Purkenje

B. W Flemming

C. Hook

D. None

#Which one of the following is not the principles of Farm Finance?

A. Character

B. Capacity

C. Capital

D. Calibre

#PDM 11 is a variety of?

A. Urd

B. Arhar

C. Moong

D. Lobia

# . … the nematode that causes the blackhead disease in banana crop?

A. Pratylenchus coffee

B. Heterodera oryzicola

C. Radopholus similis

D. Helicotylenchus multicinctus

(General Agriculture MCQ)

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