General Agriculture MCQ for Competitive exam

General Agriculture MCQ

General Agriculture MCQ

Q. In medium term storage, material can be stored up to –
1) 100 years
2) 3 to 5 years✅
3) 10 to 15 years
4) None of these

Q. Which is the saturated fatty acid of the following –
1) Stearic acid✅
2) Arachidonic acid
3) Oleic acid
4) Linoleic acid

Q. Iron is an important component of –
1) Siroheme
2) Ferredoxin
3) Cytochromes
4) All of these✅

Q. The chemical, which is used for controlling the mites, is known as –
1) Fungicides
2) Mematicides✅
3) Acaricides
4) Insecticides

Q. WP abbreviates as –
1) Wettable Paste
2) Wettable Powder✅
3) Water Paste
4) None of these

(General Agriculture MCQ)

Q. Which of the following elements is not essential element of plants but proves to be beneficial for some plants?
1) Boron
2) Sodium✅
3) Iodine
4) Copper

Q. The pyrite is mostly found in–
1) Bihar
2) Rajasthan
3) Andhra Pradesh
4) Maharashtra✅

Q. Parthenocarpy occurs in–
1) Peach
2) Mango
3) Jackfruit✅
4) Banana

Q. Water use efficiency is the highest is case of–
1) Border irrigation
2) Drip irrigation✅
3) Sprinkler irrigation
4) Flood irrigation

Q. Atmosphere is essential for-
1) Winds
2) Cloud formation
3) Weather phenomena✅
4) All of these

Q. Which one of the following plants belongs to family Anacardiaceae?
1) Papaya
2) Orange
3) Cashewnut✅
4) None of these
Q. In India post-harvest losses of fruit and vegetable is… per cent of the total production.
1) 15-20
2) 50-50
3) 40-45
4) 25-30✅

((General Agriculture MCQ))

Q. The animals produced by mating of two different breeds of the same species is known as –
1) Mixed breed
2) Cross breed✅
3) Exotic breed
4) Pure breed

Q. Recording of milk production in dairy (agriculture exams library) farm is done mainly for –
1) Selection of good producer✅
2) Increase in production of milk
3) Ensuring quality of milk
4) Quick selling of milk

Q. The average gestation period in buffalo is of how many days?
1) 310✅
2) 210
3) 400
4) 345

Q. Citrus tristeza virus is transmitted through –
1) Aphid
2) Thrips
3) Nematode
4) Plant hopper✅

Q. Which one of the pathogens is monocylic?
1) Ustilago✅
2) Alternaria
3) Phytophthora
4) Puccinia

((General Agriculture MCQ))

Q. Caenocytic mycellium is found in –
1) Mastigomycotina
2) Deuteromycotina
3) Ascomycotina✅
4) None of these

Q. Penicillin acts on-
1) Cell wall✅
2) RNA
3) Cell membrane
4) None of these

Q. Blue colour tag is issued for –
1) Foundation seed
2) Certified seed✅
3) Nucleus seed
4) Foundation seed

Q.Weed problems is more severe in
A] wet land rice
B] Deep water rice
C] Rainfed rice
D] Semi wet rice.✅

Q. The pulse crop extensively grown as winter crop
A] Bengalgram
B] Redgram
C] Greengram✅
D] Blackgram

Q. The king of fodder crops
A] Lucerne
B] Berseem ✅
C] Paragrass
D] Stylosanthes

(General Agriculture MCQ)

Q. The optimum seed rate of Blackgram in rice fallows of Andhra Pradesh ( Kg/ha)
A] 10-15
B] 15-20
C] 25-30
D] 40-50✅

Q. The recommended row ratio of sorghum + Pigeon pea inter cropping system
A] 1:1
B] 2:1 ✅
C] 5:1
D] 7:1

Q. Cotton seed contains oil upto
A] 10-12%
B] 15-20% ✅
C] 30-35%
D] 24-28%

Q. The nutrient involved in the biosysnthesis of oil in oilseed crop is
A] Calcium
B] Magnesium
C] Sulphur ✅
D] Molybdenum

Q. The most important cotton species which is grown in more than 50 per cent
A] Arboreum
B] Barbadense
C] Hirsutum ✅
D] Herbaceum

Q. The percentage of sugar recovery in sugarcane is
A] 8-9% ✅
B] 14-16%
C] 20-22%
D] 30-32%

Q. The highest protein content is found in the seeds of
A] Sunflower
B] Soybean ✅
C] Groundnut
D] Mustard.

(General Agriculture MCQ)

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