General Agriculture MCQ for Competitive exam-8

General Agriculture MCQ

General Agriculture MCQ

1. Maize-potato-sugarcane ratoon-green gram is the example of crop rotation for

A.1 year

B.3 year

C.2 year

D.4 year

2. The strongest chemical agent for breaking dormancy is

A. Potassium nitrate

B. Ethylene

C. Gibberlline

D. Cumerin

3. The Directorate for cropping system Research is located at

A. Pusan

B. Hyderabad

C. Modipuram, Meerut, UP

D. Coimbatore

4. Herbicide which increase the tuber size besides weed control in potato is


B. Fluchloralin

C. Pendimethalin

D. Atrazine

5. Which is the most commonly used herbicide in rubber plantations?

A. Amitrol T

B. Paraquat

C. Both a & b

D. Either a or b

(General Agriculture MCQ)

6. The existence of a gas is vanished at

A. N. T. P

B. Absolute zero

C. At any temperature

D. 0°c

7. In which of the following industries is the maximum number of women employed in India?

A. Textile

B. Jute

C. Tea

D. Coal

8. Reading of Brixton hydrometer ranges from?

A. 0-10

B. 0-15

C. 0-20

D. 0-30

9. Revenue’s chain is decided into

A. 100links

B. 50links

C. 16links

D. 66links

mainly used in cadastral survey. It is 33feet long having 16 links

10. The instrument used for measuring depth of water table

A. Lysimeter

B. Odometer

C. Piezometer

D. Monometer

(General Agriculture MCQ)

11. The best soil structure for agriculture purpose is

A. Platy

B. Spheroid Al

C. Blocky

D. Prismatic

12. Plant quarantine method is useful only when

A. The pathogen is seed transmitted

B. The pathogen is wind transmitted

C. The pathogen is soil inhabitants

D. The pathogen is vector tramissible

13. In which of the following the isolation distance for certified seed production is the shortest

A. Cotton

B. Tomato

C. Sesame

D. Potato

14. Barley water contain at least how much percent of fruit juice

A. 25%

B. 30%

C. 75%

D. 45%

15. Pollinating agent in chilli is

A. Housefly

B. Bee

C. Wind

D. Water

(General Agriculture MCQ)

16. The number of chromosomes in swamp Buffalo is

A. 2n=50

B. 2n=60

C. 2n=48

D. 2n=40

17. The little leaf of brinjal is caused by

A. Fungus

B. Bacteria

C. Virus

D. MLO’s

18. Who was the first plant protection advisor to government of India

A. Dr. Sardar Singh

B. S. Pradhan

C. M. L. Room walking

D. H. S. Pruthi

19. Citrus species resistant to canker is

A. Aurantifolia

B. Limonia

C. Paradise

D. Karna

20. A cabbage disease which is known to be more severe in acidic soils is?

A. Club foot

B. Yellows

C. Black rot

D. Damning off

(General Agriculture MCQ)

21. The alternate host for pearl millet rust is

A. Brinjal

B. Tomato

C. Mustard

D. Okra

22. The heavy metals from the industrial effluent s are removed by

A. Trichoderma

B. Aspergillus

C. Aureobasidium

D. All of the above

23. As usual normally contains definite number of ascospores which is?

A. 4

B. 6

C. 8

D. 2

24. When experimental material is limited and homogenous which design is used?

A. Latin square design

B. Split plot design

C. Strip plot design

D. Completely randomized design

25. The ANOVA table of which design consist 3 error variance?


B. Split plot design

C.Factorial RBD


(General Agriculture MCQ)

26. PMA &atrazine at low concentration act as which type of antitranspirants?

A. Reflectant

B. Film forming

C. Stomata closing

D. Growth retardant

27. The law of diminishing return was proposed by?

A. Mitscherlich

B. Wilcox

C. Black man

D.Van leibig

28. Indian journal of Agronomy is published by?





(General Agriculture MCQ)

29. Reading of Brix hydrometer ranges from?

A. 0-10

B. 0-15

C. 0-20

D. 0-30

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