General Agriculture MCQ With Explanation-81

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Agriculture MCQ Que. 1 In agriculture, Round revolution is associated with production of _________?

A. Tomato

B. Potato

C. Egg

D. Pumpkin

E. Mango

Correct Answer – B. Potato

Explanation: Round Revolution is the revolution adopted by the Government of India for the increase in production of potato.

Que. 2 Working in the field of energy, environment and sustainable development, TERI is a research institute based in New Delhi. What does the abbreviation TERI stand for?

A. Transforming Energy and Resources of India

B. The Energy and Resource Institute

C. Tata Energy and Resource Institute

D. Triumvirate of Energy, Resource and Inclusion

E. None of These

Correct Answer – B. The Energy and Resource Institute

Explanation: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) is a research institute based in New Delhi that conducts research work in the fields of energy, environment and sustainable development. Established in 1974, it was formerly known as Tata Energy and Resource Institute.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 3 Which crop is also known as a “Wonder Crop”?

A. Potato

B. Mustard

C. Sugarcane

D. Maize

E. Soybean

Correct Answer – E. Soybean

Explanation: Soybean possess a very high nutritional value. It contains about 20 per cent oil and 40 per cent high quality protein. Soybean being the richest, cheapest and easiest source of best quality proteins and fats and having a vast multiplicity of uses as food and industrial products is sometimes called a wonder crop.

Que. 4 Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), is a Statutory Body under which ministry?

A. Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

B. Ministry of Commerce and Industry

C. Ministry of Food Processing Industries

D. Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution

E. Ministry of Finance

Correct Answer – B. Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Explanation: Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), a Statutory Body under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India, is the apex organization engaged in the work related to the development of export of agricultural products and processed food from India.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 5 What is the India’s rank in the Milk Production?

A. Seventh

B. Fourth

C. Second

D. First

E. Third

Correct Answer – D. First

Explanation: According to the Union Minister for Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare Shri Radha Mohan Singh since last 20 years, India continues to be the largest milk producer in the world.

Que. 6 Which colour tag/ certificate is given to foundation seeds?

A. White tag

B. Blue tag

C. Green tag

D. Yellow tag

E. Red tag

Correct Answer – A. White tag

Explanation: Foundation seed is the progeny of breeder seed and is produced by State Farm Corporation of India, National Seed Corporation, State seed Corporation under technical control of qualified plant breeders or technical officers. Its production is supervised and approved by certification agency. The genetic purity of foundation seed should be maintained at 99.5 per cent. A white colour tag/ certificate is issued for foundation seed by seed certification agencies.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 7 With which of the following crops, one can associate the term “Ratooning”?

A. Ground nut

B. Potato

C. Sugarcane

D. Yam

E. Soybean

Correct Answer – C. Sugarcane

Explanation: Ratooning is the agricultural practice of harvesting a monocot crop by cutting most of the above ground portion but leaving the roots and growing shoot apices intact so as to allow the plants to recover and produce a fresh crop in the next season. Besides sugarcane, ratooning is also practiced commercially in many other crops like banana, pineapple, pigeon pea, sorghum, rice, cotton, ramie, mint, etc.

Que. 8 Black Soil is black in colour due to the presence of compounds of ________?

A. Iron and Phosphorus

B. Nitrogen and Calcium

C. Carbon and Calcium

D. Iron and Aluminium

E. Oxygen and Chlorine

Correct Answer – D. Iron and Aluminium

Explanation: Soil colour is mainly produced by the minerals present and by the organic matter content. Black soil is black in colour due to the presence of Organic compounds of Iron and Aluminium.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 9 Onion is an example of which type of underground storage organs?

A. Tuber

B. Fruit

C. Bulb

D. Stem

E. Root

Correct Answer – C. Bulb

Explanation: Bulbs consist of layers of modified leaves and contain a miniature flower or sprout in the centre. If you cut an onion in half from top to bottom you can see that the roots at the bottom of the bulb anchor the plant to the ground and absorb water and nutrients. Other examples of true bulbs include garlic, amaryllis, tulips, daffodils and lilies.

Que. 10 Selective removal of certain parts of a plant, such as branches, buds, or roots is known as _________?

A. Training

B. Breeding

C. Cogging

D. Brooding

E. Pruning

Correct Answer – E. Pruning

Explanation: Pruning is a horticultural and silvicultural practice involving the selective removal of certain parts of a plant, such as branches, buds, or roots. Reasons to prune plants include deadwood removal, shaping (by controlling or redirecting growth), improving or sustaining health, reducing risk from falling branches, preparing nursery specimens for transplanting, and both harvesting and increasing the yield or quality of flowers and fruits.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 11 What is deadline set by government to skill the 5 lakh rural people for mason training?

A. 2019
B. 2022
C. 2021
D. 2020
E. 2018

Correct Answer – B. 2022

Que. 12 What is the optimum temperature range for germination of field pea?

A. 28-33oC
B. 30-35oC
C. 23-28oC
D. 25-30oC
E. 13-18oC

Correct Answer – E. 13-18oC

Explanation: Field pea requires cool, moist growing conditions and can withstand heavy frost once established. It does not grow well in hot weather and is not suitable as a summer cover crop. Optimal temperatures for germination and growth are between 13oC and 18oC.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 13 The crops which are used to substitute the crops that have failed on account of unfavourable conditions are –

A. Emergency crops
B. Cover crops
C. Companion crops
D. Intermediate crops
E. None of these

Correct Answer – A. Emergency crops

Que. 14 Under the Rashtriya Gokul mission, the two national Kamdhenu breeding centre is being established in which two states?

A. Haryana and Karnataka
B. Madhya Pradesh and Haryana
C. Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh
D. New Delhi and Andhra Pradesh
E. New Delhi and Maharashtra

Correct Answer – C. Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh

Explanation: Two National Kamdhenu Breeding Centre,one in northern region-Madhya Pradesh and other in Southern region- Andhra Pradesh, are being established in the country with an allocation of Rs 50 crores.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 15 The growing of grass or legumes in rotation with grain or tilled crops as a soil conservation measure is termed as ?

A. Crop rotation
B. Ley farming
C. Shifting cultivation
D. Dairy farming
E. Mixed farming

Correct Answer – B. Ley farming

Explanation: In ley farming, the field is alternately used for grain or other cash crops for a number of years and “laid down to ley” i.e. left fallow, used for growing hay or used for pasture for another number of years. After that period it is again ploughed and used for cash/field crops.

Que. 16 It is an Animal Wellness Programme in which the provision of Animal Health cards along with UID identification of animals in milk and a National Data Base. Which programme is it?

A. Pashudhan Patra
B. Pashu swasthya card
C. Nakul swasthya Patra
D. Pashu sarva sansadhan patra
E. None of these

Correct Answer – C. Nakul swasthya Patra

Agriculture MCQ Que. 17 BPL ration card is issued to families having annual income of?

A. Less than 10,000
B. Less than 20,000
C. Less than 17,000
D. Less than 27,000
E. Less than 30,000

Correct Answer – D. Less than 27,000

Explanation: BPL Ration Card is issued to the families that live below the poverty line. In India, you will be on BPL list if your annual income is Rs.27,000 or less (It was earlier Rs. 10,000 but revised in 2011 to Rs. 27000)

Que. 18 What is full form of PLCN?

A. Permanent Location Consumer Number
B. Permanent Location Code Name
C. Permanent Livelihood Centre Name
D. Permanent Location Code Number
E. Permanent Livelihood Consumer Number

Correct Answer – D. Permanent Location Code Number

Explanation: Permanent location code number is assigned by office of registrar general of India.

Agriculture MCQ Que. 19 Which committee drafted a Comprehensive Review of Deep Sea Fishing Policy and Guidelines 2014?

A. Gopakumar Committee
B. Meenakumari Committee
C. Murari Committee
D. Ak Shah Committee
E. None of these

Correct Answer – B. Meenakumari Committee

Que. 20 By convention the fertilizer form of the Phosphorus is expressed as?

A. PO2

B. P2O

C. P2O3

D. P2O5

E. P3O2

Correct Answer – D. P2O5

Explanation: The fertilizer form of P is referred to as P2O5 (phosphorous pentoxide). In earlier times, before current lab instrumentation was developed, chemists used a gravimetric (weighing) method after ignition to determine the phosphorus and potassium content of fertilizers in the form of phosphorus oxide (P2O5) and potassium oxide (K2O).

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