General Agriculture MCQ for Competitive exam-2

General Agriculture MCQ

General Agriculture MCQ

1. Stomata are regulated by

(a) N    

(b) P    

(c) K    

(d) Ca

2.Maximum density of water exists at

(a) 0°C

(b) 4°C

(c) 40°C

(d) 100°C

3.Plant lost water in transpiration upto the extent of

(a) 80%

(b) 90%

(c) 95%

(d) 99%

4.The chemical nature of GA3 is

(a) Phenolic     

(b) Terpene     

(c) Purine        

(d) Indole

(General Agriculture MCQ)

5. Guttation is not favoured under

(a) Low humidity          

(b) High humidity         

(c) Low root pressure   

(d) High humidity and low root pressure

6. The xylem and phloem elements in the plant are surrounded by a layer of living cells called

(a) Casparian strips      

(b) Pericycle    

(c) Stele           

(d) Endodermis

7.A plant hormone, which is primary regulator of abscission process is

(a) Ethylene     

(b) Auxin         

(c) ABA

(d) Gibberellins

8.Growing of plant in soilness nutrient solution is referred as

(a) Aeroponics

(b) Hydroponics

(c) Xeroponics

(d) Thaloponics

9. Most commonly grown crop plants are included in

(a) halophytes  

(b) Glycophytes

(c) Sciophytes 

(d) Xerophytes

(General Agriculture MCQ)

10. Optimum temperature for maximum crop development in wheat is

(a) 10-15°C       

(b) 20-25°C      

(c) 25-30°C       

(d) 30-35°C

11. ‘Little leaf’ and ‘rosette’ of apple, ‘white bud’ of maize are the deficiency symptoms of

(a) Fe  

(b) Zn  

(c) Cl    

(d) Mo

12. In citrus plant, die back diseases is the result of deficiency of

(a) N    

(b) P    

(c) Boron         

(d) Copper

13. Acid rains are due to which of the following gases?

(a) CO2 and CO 

(b) Ozone and CO2      

(c) NO2 and SO2          

(d) NH3 and CO2

14. Which one of the following is a most harmful pollutant by automobiles?

(a) SO2

(b) CO

(c) N2O

(d) CO2

(General Agriculture MCQ)

15. Callus is induced to form roots in the medium of

(a) Auxin         

(b) Cytokinins only       

(c) Morecytokinins than auxin  

(d) Moreauxin than cytokinins

16. Blue light is always less efficient in photosysthesis than

(a) White         

(b) Red

(c) Orange       

(d) Violet

17. Protein content in pulses ranges from

(a) 10-15%       

(b) 20-25%       

(c) 25-30%       

(d) 40-45%

18. Protein content of cereals ranges from

(a) 8-12%         

(b) 12-15%       

(c) 15-20%       

(d) 20-25%

19. Natural inhibitor of IAA oxidases is

(a) Caffeic Acid 

(b) Coumaric acid         

(c) ABA

(d) Lactic Acid

(General Agriculture MCQ)

20.How many ATP are required to produce 1 mole of hexose in photosynthesis?

(a) 8    

(b) 18   

(c) 28   

(d) 38

21. P content in DAP is

(a) 20%

(b) 36%

(c) 46%

(d) 50%

22. Chemical formula of single superphosphate is

(a) Ca(H2PO4)   

(b) CaHPO4      

(c) Ca3(PO4)    

(d) Ca(H2PO4) CaSO42H2O

23. Concentration of nitrogen in soil air is

(a) 70%

(b) 74%

(c) 78%

(d) 82%

24. Which of the following is correct?

(a) P2O5 × 0.44 = P       

(b) P2O5 × 2.29 = P       

(c) P2O5 × 0.83 = P       

(d) P2O5 × 1.20 = P

(General Agriculture MCQ)

25. Sulphur content (%) in potassium sulphate is

(a) 50   

(b) 22   

(c) 17   

(d) 12

26. Sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) can be calculated by using of formula

(a) SAR = Na+ /

(b) SAR = Na+ /

(c) SAR = Ca2+ + Mg2+ /

(d) SAR = Na+ /

27. The exchangeable sodium ratio (ESR) can be calculated as

ESR = Exchangeable (C2+ + Mg2+)/Exchangeable Na+

ESR = Exchangeable Na+ /

ESR = Exchangeable Na+ / Exchangeable (Ca2+ + K+)

ESR = Exchangeable Na+ / Exchangeable (Ca2+ + Mg2+)

28. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

Soil order          Pronunciation

(a) Entisols Recent
(b) Aridisols Arid
(c) Histosols Organic
(d) Vertisols Pedalfor

29. A clay solid must contain at least clay separate, to be designated a clay

(a) 70%

(b) 80%

(c) 40%

(d) 35%

(General Agriculture MCQ)

30. Select the wrong pair from the following given below:

Stregite:  2H2O

Variscite:  2H2O

Gibbsite:   3H2O

Hematite: FeOOH

31. Boron content in borax (suhaga) is

(a) 11%

(b) 25%

(c) 19%

(d) 39%

32. The rate of weathering is generally high in

(a) Arid tropical climate

(b) Arid temperate climate       

(c) Humid tropical climate         

(d) Humid temperature climate

33. Which one of the following pair is mismatched?

L value: Larsen

Integrated soil test approach: Colwell

Biogas: Desai

Law of limiting factor: Lundegardh

34.Tick out the incorrect match:

List I (Ore)        List II (Mineral)





35. The main constituent of biogas is

(a) H2

(b) H2S

(c) N2

(d) CH4

(General Agriculture MCQ)

36. Nalgonda technique is used for

(a) Chloride     

(b) Fluoride     

(c) Bromide     

(d) Cadmium

37. How many agro-climatic zones are found in India?

(a) 15   

(b) 16   

(c) 17   

(d) 18

38. Which of the following anzymes is involved in the primary carboxylation in C4 plants?

(a) RUBP Carboxylase  

(b) PEP

(c) Oxygenase

(d) Carboxylase

39. The pH of normal rain is

(a) 6.5

(b) 5.6

(c) 4.6

(d) 3.6

40. Which harmful gas is emitted by masonry building materials, even ground water?

(a) H2S

(b) Radon        

(c) Ammonia   

 (d) CO2

(General Agriculture MCQ)

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