General Agriculture MCQ for Competitive exam-24

(Agriculture MCQ)

#The microbes play an important role in the catalytic complicated chemical reactions of

(a)Wine productions    

(b) Fermentation         

(c) Dairy product          

(d) All of the above

#Which among the following contain only one type of nucleic acid?

(a) Bacteria      

(b) Virus          

(c) Dead virus  

(d) All

#The plant virus was first isolated in crystalline form

(a) TMV

(b) Baceriophages       

(c) Cyanophages          

(d) HIV

#The molecular scissors use3d to cut DNA into specific genes of interest are called

(a) Exonucleases          

(b) Restriction endonucleases  

(c) Ligases        

(d) Polymerases

#The quickest way to produce homozygous breeding lines from heterozygous parents is through:

(a) Half-seed technique 

(b) doubled haploids   

(c) Introgression          

(d) Aneuploidy

(Agriculture MCQ)

#Which of the following organelle lack membrane?

(a) Mitochondria          

(b) Ribosomes   

(c) Microtubules          

(d) Peroxisomes

#Virions are         

(a) DNA viruses

(b) RNA viruses

(c) Naked DNA viruses

(d) Naked RNA viruses

#DNA is present in

(a) Nucleus      

(b) Mitochondria         

(c) Chloroplast

(d) All of the above

#DNA replication occur in which stage of cell division?

(a) G1 phase    

(b) G2 phase    

(c) S phase       

(d) M phase

#Bt cotton is resistant to bollworm, it is due to

(a) Bt is repellent to bollworm

(b) Bt is contact poison for bollworm

(c) Bt is stomach poison; it changes the permeability of stomach due to generation of pores in alkaline environment of stomach

(d) Bt is causing death due to asphagsiation of insect

#Bacterial genes lack

(a) Exons         

(b) Introns       

(c) Prometers  

(d) Operator

(Agriculture MCQ)

#The terminal codons are





#Which sequence in case of eukaryotes is important for mRNA tailing?

(a) GAGAGA    

(b) GAATTC     

(c) UACGAC     


#Transfer of genes (gene flow) in between different species is known as

(a) Vertical gene flow   

(b) Horizontal gene flow

(c) Lateral gene flow   

(d) Side gene flow

(Agriculture MCQ)

#Most commonly used organism in SCP is

(a) Bacillus       

(b) E. coli         

(c) Spirulina     

(d) Pseudomonas

#The bond between sugar and nitrogenous base in case of DNA is known as

(a) Gycosidic bond       

(b) Phosphodiester bond         

(c) H-bond       

(d) Peptide bond

#Which of the following amino acid participate in urea cycle?

(a) Argininie     

(b) Lysine        

(c) Tryptophan

(d) Histidine

(Agriculture MCQ)

#The techniques to clone the first gene were developed in

(a) 1972           

(b) 1987           

(c) 1976           

(d) 1977

#Biosensers are used as

(a) Purified enzymes    

(b) Antibodies   

(c) Whole microbial cells          

(d) Any of the above

#Which enzyme plays important role in reverse transcription?

(a) DNA polymerase    

(b) RNA polymerase    

(c) Reverse transcriptase         

(d) Ribonuclease

(Agriculture MCQ)

#Fresh water prawns yield eggs at

(a) 100 nos./g  

(b) 500 nos./g

(c) 1000 nos./g

(d) 5000 nos./g

#The inland fish production is almost how much % of total fish production in India

(a) Over 50%    

(b) 30%

(c) 20%

(d) 40%

(Agriculture MCQ)

#Minamata Bay diseases in Japan happened due to

(a) Methyl Mercury     

(b) Cadmium poisoning 

(c) Hydrochloric acid    

(d) Methyl isocyanides

#Indian hill trout is

(a) Schizothorax

(b) Rohu         

(c) Marieus bola           

(d) Catla

#For spawing of 1 Kg of carp, how much water is required in hatchery

(a) 1 m3           

(b) 10 m3         

(c) 50 m3         

(d) 80 m3

#Larvae of fresh water mussle (L. marginalis) is

(a) Tocophor    

(b) Pedivelligen

(c) Glochidium

(d) Spat

(Agriculture MCQ)

#Widely distributed and cultured fish species in world is

(a) Silver carp   

(b) Grass carp  

(c) Common carp         

(d) L. rohita

#Central Institute of Fresh water Aquaculture is located at

(a) W.B

(b) Bihar          

(c) M.P.

(d) Bihar

#The main causative agent of Epizootic Ulcerative Syndorme (EVS) is

(a) Aphanomyces invadens      

(b) A. hydrophilla         

(c) Pseudomonas maxima        

(d) Myxobolus cyprinid

(Agriculture MCQ)

#Species contributimg largest to fish catch in India

(a) Indian mackerel      

(b) Sardin        

(c) Bombay duck          

(d) Tuna

(Agriculture MCQ)

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