General Agriculture MCQ For Competitive Exam

Agriculture MCQ

Agriculture MCQ

1.Haryali yojna is related to

(a) Soil management    

(b) Water management

(c) Crop management 

(d) Air management

2.         Sugar found in germinating seed in large amount

(a) Maltose      

(b) Sucrose      

(c) Cellobiase   

(d) Lactose

3.Maximum moisture content for safe storage in wheat seed is

(a) 12   

(b) 15   

(c) 7     

(d) 20

4.Murate of potash is

(a) K2SO4        

(b) KCI  

(c) KNO3         

(d) K2HPO4

5. Loose smut is

(a) Internally seed borne         

(b) Externally seed borne         

(c) Air borne    

(d) Water borne

(Agriculture MCQ)

6. Gauch – 1 is a variety of

(a) Castor        

(b) Groundnut   

(c) Sesamum   

(d) Soybean

7.The cutter bar of a tractor operated on owner makes strokes/min

(a) 400 – 500    

(b) 500 – 750    

(c) 800 – 1200

(d) 1250 – 1500

8.Power operated Paddy transplanter is being manufactured in India by

(a) M/s Escorts Ltd.      

(b) M/s Mitsubishi Ltd   

(c) M/s Eicher tractors Ltd        

(d) M/s Mahindra Ltd

9. Calorific value of high speed diesel is kcal/Kg

(a) 9500           

(b) 10550         

(c) 11550          

(d) 12500

10. The requirement of air for full combustion of 1 kg fuel in S.I. engine is about kg

(a) 12.5

(b) 14.2

(c) 15.1

(d) 17.6

(Agriculture MCQ)

11.The requirement for full in litres/hour by a 35 hp tractor is:

(a) 2.5

(b) 3.0

(c) 3.5

(d) 4.0

12.If S is slip and Va is the actual travel speed and Vt is theoretical wheel speed then

(a) S = (Vt – Va)/Vt      

(b) S = 1 – Vt/Va          

(c) S = Va/Vt    

(d) S = Vt/Va

13. Disc angle in disc plough is:

(a) 30 – 35        

(b) 34 – 37       

(c) 38 – 40        

(d) 42 – 45

14. The upper safe noise level for machine operator is:

(a) 85 db          

(b) 100 db        

(c) 110 db        

(d) 115 db

15. A reaper is used for:

(a) cutting crop 

(b) cutting and windrowing      

(c) cutting and threshing          

(d) Cutting grass

(Agriculture MCQ)

16. Sub soilders are operated at maximum depth of

(a) 30-40 cm     

(b) 45-75 cm    

(c) 75-90 cm     

(d) 10-20 cm

17. For operating rotavator in trashy soils, which lines are better?

(a) L-shaped    

(b) Hook shaped          

(c) Backward curved    

(d) Straight blade

18. Soil strength is determined by

(a) Penetrometer        

(b) Micrometer

(c) Hydrometer

(d) Dynamometer

19. Compression pressure in petro engine cylinder is:

(a) 6-10 kg/cm2

(b) 10-20 kg/cm2          

(c) 20-35 kg/cm2          

(d) 35-45 kg/cm2

20. Length of cutter bar for the tractor operated mower or vertical conveyor reaper is

(a) 1.5 – 3.0 m

(b) 3.0 – 4.5 m

(c) 4.5 – 5.5 m

(d) > 5 – 5 m

(Agriculture MCQ)

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