General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam – 82

Agriculture One Liner

Q. (1). Indian Institute of Pulses Research is located (Agriculture One Liner)
Ans .  Kanpur

Q. (2). National Research Centre for Groundnut is located
Ans . Junagarh

Q. (3). Dual purpose breed of cow in India
Ans . Haryana

Q. (4). Highest % of fat in Buffalo breed
Ans . Bhadawari

Q. (5). Citrus cracking is due to
Ans . Deficiency of boron

Q. (6). Deficiency symptom first appears on older or lower leaves (Agriculture One Liner)
Ans . Potassium

Q. (8). Seed rate (kg/ha) of Maize is
Ans . 18-20

Q. (9). No till planter used for-
Ans .  Sowing

Q. (10). Aluminium phosphide
Ans .  Rotendicide (IBPS_2019)

Q. (11). Khapra beetle is related to
Ans . Storage food grain pest

Q. (12). Maximum export agriculture product in India
Ans . Onion

Q. (13). Which is variety of onion (Agriculture One Liner)
Ans . Agri found

Q. (14). Maximum production and area of potato in state
Ans . Uttar Pradesh

Q. (15). Central Agriculture University is located in
Ans .  Imphal

Q. (16). Most famous variety of mandarin
Ans .  Kinnow

Q. (17). Delinting of cotton is done using- (Agriculture One Liner)
Ans .  H2SO4

Q. (18). Most popular variety of North India
Ans .  Dashehari

Q. (19). Famous variety of grape in India
Ans . Thomas seedless

Q. (20). Black heart of potato is a –
Ans . Physiological disorder

Q. (21). Infiltration through soil surface is called-
Ans .  Percolation

Q. (22). Alkali soil having pH of-
Ans . >8.5

Q. (23). Oat production in India- (Agriculture One Liner)
Ans . 2-3 tonnes

Q. (24). Vasantrao Naik Award is for-
Ans .  Best Research in dry land Farming

Q. (25). Available water for plant growth is-
Ans . Capillary water

Q. (26). Indian Journal of Agriculture Science is published in
Ans . Quarterly

Q. (27). Pramalini is a variety of
Ans .  Kagzi lime

Q. (28). Grape cutting time-
Ans .  Oct.-Nov.

Q. (29). Spacing of apple (Agriculture One Liner)
Ans . 6 x 6 m

Q. (30). High density planting in banana
Ans . 1.2 x 1.2

Q. (31). Monogenic traits show which type of variation: Discontinuous 

Q. (32). Purpose of Bagging is to prevent: Cross-pollination

Q. (33). Purpose of Emasculation is to prevent: Self-pollination

Q. (34). Among Pollen grain and female gamete which is more sensitive to environmental disturbance: Pollen grain

Q. (35). Protandry condition found in Maize crop(Agriculture One Liner)

Q. (36). Protogyne condition found in Bajra crop

Q. (37). Clipping method of emasculation done in Rice crop.

Q. (38). Examples of CHAs: Sodium Methyl Arsenate (MG2), Ethephon, GA3, Hybrex

Q. (39). Circular tag size: 3 cm dia.

Q. (40).Rectangular tag size: 3 x 2 cm

Q. (41).In Maize, bajra, Jowar tag size is: 6 x 3 cm

Q. (42).Octoploid Triticale is a cross between: Hexaploid Wheat X Tetraploid Rye

Q. (43).‘Law of homologous series of variation’ is also called as: ‘Law of parallel variation’(Agriculture One Liner)

Q. (44).‘Law of homologous series of variation’ was given by: N. I. Vavilov

Q. (45).Frequency of plants heterozygous for different no. of genes in a segregating generation is obtained by the formula: [1+(2m-1)]n

Q. (46).Frequency of completely homozygous plant in any segregating generation
by the formula: [(2m-1)/2m]n

Q. (47).The primitive cultivars which are selected and cultivated by the farmer for many generations called: Land races(Agriculture One Liner)

Q. (48).Phenotype of an individual influenced by: Both genotype & Environment

Q. (49).Self-pollination pollination is the most intense form of Inbreeding.

Q. (50).Scientific name of Johannsen’s research crop: Phaseolus vulgaris (Rajma/ French bean)

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