General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 33

1. Cleistogamy was found in ?

Ans. Wheat and Barley.

2. Clipping off the top of rice seedlings containing immature stages of insects reduces the carry over of infestation of ?

Ans. Rice hispa .

3. Clipping or trimming of live shrubs or trees into decorative shapes, as of animals is known as ?

Ans. Topiary.

4. Clonal selection mostly used in the crop ?

Ans. Ginger.

5. Lowest layer of atmosphere ?

Ans. 8-18 km height (Stratosphere).

6. ———–clouds are associated with rainfalls ?

Ans. Nimbus.

7. Clouds types which give the heavy and continuous precipitation ?

Ans. Cumulonimbus .

8. Cnaphalocrocis medinalis attack ……. stage of the crop ?

Ans. All Stages (Active tillering to Booting).

9. Sapota variety CO-1 is a cross of ?

Ans. Cricket ball × oval .

10. Co2 strongly absorbs ?

Ans. Long wave radiation.

11. Coarsest of all food grains Kodo ?

Ans. Paspulum scrobiculatum.

12. Cockchafer beetle is a pest of ?

Ans. Coconut.

13. Coconut is a——————crop ?

Ans. Cross pollinated.

14. Coconut water is rich in ?

Ans. Cytokinins.

15. Cocos nucifera is the scientific name of ?

Ans. Coconut.

16. Coefficient of skewness for normal distribution is ?

Ans. 0.

17. Coefficient of variation calculated by ?

Ans. CV = (SD/Mean) x 100.

18. Coffee Board of India is located at ?

Ans. Bangalore.

19. Coffee leaf rust disease is caused by ?

Ans. Fungus (Hemelia vastatrix).

20. Coined the term ‘functional nutrient’ ?

Ans. Nicholas

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