General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam – 86

Agriculture One Liner

1.The word social forestry was 1st time used by – Westoby in 1968

2.Rural Forestry is also called – Extension Forestry (Agriculture One Liner)

3.Horizontal flow of water in channel is called – Seepage

4.Weak solutions is called – Hypotonic solution

5.Strong solutions is called – Hypertonic solutions

6.Not weak nor strong solution is called –Isotonic solution

7.Water is absorbed by the- Root hair (Agriculture One Liner)

8.1st step of absorption of water is Imbibition .

9.Cell membrane is always – Semi permeable.

10. Cell wall is either permeable or Impermeable

11. In active absorption occur against – Concentration gradient

12. Active absorption requiresMetabolic energy

13. Passive absorption requires – Spontaneous(Agriculture One Liner)

14. Active absorption always – Selective uptake

15. Passive absorption always – Non selective uptake

16. Root cap is formed by – Calyptrogen

17. Multiple root cap are found in Pandanus

18. Active absorption occur against – Concentration gradient

19. Water lost in transpiration is equal to water absorbed is called – Inferences

20. Renner’s active theory is called – Osmotic active (Agriculture One Liner)

21. Passive absorption process occur along the – Concentration gradient

22. Passive absorption is controlled by – Transpiration

23. Root pressures theory was coined by – Stephan Hales

24. Stephan Hales was father of – Plant pathology

25. Root pressure is measured by – Manometer

26. Transpiration is iital and physiological – Phenomenon

27. Transpiration is regulated by theGuard cells

28. Transpiration presents the dryness of the- Cell surface

29. Evaporation is simply – Physical phenomenon

30. Evaporation is no such – Regulation (Agriculture One Liner)

31. Evaporation results in the – Dryness

32. ABA means – Abscisic acid

33. The loss of sap from the injured parts of plant is called – Bleeding

34. The cause of bleeding is – Root pressure

35. Transpiration is usually occur in- Day time

36. In transpiration loss of water occurs in the form of – Vapour

37. Transpiration occur through – Stomata, Letcels Cuticle

38. Guttation occur during – Night (Agriculture One Liner)

39. Guttation occur in the form of – Liquid

40. Guttation occur through – Hydathodes

41. 90 % of the world photosynthesis is carried out by – Marine and fresh water Algae

42. Guttation water contain dissolvedSalt and mineral

43. Carotene colour is – Orange yellow

44. Carotene and xanthophyll are together called – Carotenoids

45. Carotenoid are fat soluble – Yellow pigment.

46. Empirical formula of carotene is – C40H56

47. Carotene are insoluble in – Water (Agriculture One Liner)

48. Xanthophylls is also known as – Carotenoids .

49. Empirical formula of xanthophylls – C40H56O2

50. Phycobilin are found in- Blue green and red algae

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