General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam -114

Q. Mustard fruit is known as – siliqua

Q. Pungency of mustard is done to – isothiocynate

Q. National seed corporation was established in March – 1963

Q. Seed Act was passed in 1966 (29 dec)

Q. Tetrazolium Test is done for – viability and vigour

Q. The Indian seed Act came into force on 2 oct 1969

Q. NSC started functioning in July 1963

Q. The head quarter of NSC is – Pusa compus , ND

Q. National Seed project was launched in – 1976

Q. The world meteorology is derived from- Greek language

Q. International meteorological organization was est. in – 1873

Q. Division of Agri. Meteorology at pune , Maharashtra was est. in 1932

Q. Solar radiation is measured by – pyranometer(total incoming radiations)

Q. Agro Ecological Zones in India is 8( by NARP ICAR), 21(by NBSSLUP)—but now only 20

Q. Agro -climatic zones (15 nos.) are formed in India during 7th five year plan (1988)

Q. The green house gases are – CO2 , CFC , CH4, etc.

Q. Indian meteorological Dept. was est. in the year of –1875

Q. Wind velocity is measured by -Anemometer .

Q. Father of agro- climatology is – Koppen

Q. Koppen classified the climate based on – temperature & Precipitation

Q. The study of weather is called – meteorology

Q. The term weed was firstly used by – jethrotull

Q. National Research center for weed science is situated at- Jabalpur (MP)

Q. Commercial mycoherbices first appeared in market USA in early 1980s

Q. National horticulture board was Gurgaon (Haryana )

Q. First all India coordinated floriculture Improvement project was started in 1971

Q. Central temperate Horticulture Research institute is situated at – Srinagar (J&K)

Q. International institute of horticulture is situated in – Brazil

Q. Who is the father of pomology – DE Candolle

Q. National horticulture board was est. in the year 1984

Q. Who was the first deputy director general of horticulture , ICAR – Dr. K.L. Chadha

Q. Which vegetable rank first among vegetable crops in production in the world – potato

Q. In India , potato was introduced by Portuguese in 1965

Q. Research on potato was stared at IARI New Delhi in – 1935

Q. The International potato centre was 1971 at lima (Peru)

Q. Central potato Research Institute was est. in – 1949

Q. Seed plant technique was developed by – Dr. Pushkarnath

Q. The Head quarter of CPRI was Shifted from Patna to Shimla in 1956

Q. True potato seed concept was first realize to raise commercial crop in India by Dr. S.Ramanujam (First director of CPRI)

Q. Cauliflower was introduced in India by Dr. Jemson from Kew Garden, London in the year 1822

Q. Male sterility in cauliflower was introduced by Peerson (1981)

Q. The toxic substance of cucurbits is – cucurbitacin

Q. Which hormones are used in cucurbits to modify sex and to induce femaleness – GA & NAA

Q. Seedless variety of mango is – Sindhu (devloped at FRS vengurula )

Q. Most exported variety of mango is – Alphonso

Q. Black tip in mango is a physiological disorder due to brick klin fumes mostly CO2, SO2 or deficiency of boron

Q. Which type of incompatibility is found in mango – gemtophytic

Q. Mango variety , most suitable for high density planting is Amarpali

Q. Mango inflorescence contains , which type of flowers – male and hermaphrodite

Q. The off season mango variety is – Niranjan

Q. The only mutant cultivarr of mango is – Rosica

Q. Magnifera contains about 41 species

Q. The regular bearing varieties of mango are – neeum , Banglora , pairi, etc .

Q. Mosambi a sweet orange cultivar was introduced from – Mozambi ue

Q. The edible portion of citrus fruits is – juicy placental hairs

Q. The first record of the name grape fruit in jamaica was in – 1814

Q. The Banana breeding was first stared at – Imperial college of tropical agriculture in Trinidad (1922)

Q. Banana Breeding was stared in India in 1949 at central Banana Research station , aduthurai (TN)

Q. Banana can be stored at – 13 °C and 85 % RH

Q. Banana initiate flowering 9-12 months after Planting

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