General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam

Q -what is the formula of Net Capital Ratio — NCR= total assets/total liabilities✅

Q -Full form of M.F.A.L.D.A — Marginal Framers and Agricultural Laborers Development Agency ✅ agrilearner

Q – what is full form of -GOBAR dhan scheme — Galvanizing organic bio agro – resources dhan✅

Q-How much money has been provided for the development of the Internet in India in budget 2018-19 — 10000 crore Rs✅

Q -How many Rupees have been allocated for Digital India Program — 3037 crore Rs✅

Q-How many Rupees have been allocated for rural development and Agriculture — 14.38 lakh crore✅

Q-How much is the target of debt under the money scheme has been increased — 3 Lakh crore✅

Q- under the “Saubhagya scheme ” how many Rupees have been allocated in budget 2018-19 to provide agrilearner electricity to all households – 16000 crore✅

Q- How much money has been given in the budget session 2018-19 to promote the cultivation of medicinal and fragrant plants — 200 crore✅

Q-who is the GST ambassador- Amitabh bachchan✅

Q- Full form of N.A.I.S – National Agricultural Insurance scheme✅

Q-Production function formula given by – Pro.Cobb & Pro Douglus✅

Q-Full form of M.R.T- Marginal Rate of Transformation✅

Q-What is farm eventry – A farm Inventory is a list of all assets and liabilities of the farm..✅

Q-GST recommended by — Vijay Kelkar✅

Q-full form of C.F.R.A – Combined finance and revenue accounts✅

Q-What is mean of “AGRI UDAAN”– A unique initiative for upliftment of AGRI-Startups✅

Q -“Atal Pension Yojan” is scheme focused on workers in which sector — Unorganized work

Q.-ODAP is nuero toxin which secreted by?
Ans. Lythrus.

Q. Parbhat is an early variety of?
Ans. Arahar.

Q. Shelling percentage of pea?
Ans. 49%

Q. ICPH-8 is a variety of?
Ans. Arahar.

Q. Royal commission on Agriculture was come in?
Ans. 1929

Q. Who is persident of ICAR ?
Ans. Agriculture minister (mr. Radhamohan singh).

Q..Shifting cultivation is mostly practised in ?
Ans. Jharkhand ,MP,Hilly areas .

Q.. Cropping system ?
Ans.Location specific .

Q.. Cropping intensity in mono culture system?

Q..Cropping intensity of india?

Q..Examples of Allelopathy is?
Ans.Sorghum , Sunflower ,Peach ,cucumber, Walnut, &

Q. Allelopathy is harmfull effect of one crop on another crop/plant. Infect Annidation is?
Ans. Benificial effect.

Q.“Idcotypel” term are given by?
Ans.Donald in 1968.

Q. Agroclimatic zone in india is fifteen(15) according to planning commission in india. So Agroclimatic Zone in india initiated in the year of?
Ans. 1988.

Q. Parameter of rainfall for dry farming & dry land farming & rainfed farming respectively is?
Ans. <750 , 750-1150 , >1150.

Q.. Dry spell & Prolonged is an important constraint (problem) of?
Ans. Dry Farming.

Q.  Drought is decleared when rainfall is occurring how much percentage of normal rainfall in a year of their particular area?
Ans. 75% (if 50% is severe drought)

Q. Agriculture drought is relevant to?
Ans. Soil moisture which not sufficient PET (Plant Evapo transpiration).

Q.. Example of stomata closing type?
Ans. PMA, Atrazine (low concentration) & ABA.

Q.. First phase of soil erosion is?
Ans. Splace erosion.

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