General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-37

General Agriculture

General Agriculture

#Surface characteristic in which downward entry of water in soil occur–>infiltration

#Movement of water through column of soils –>Percolation

#Only source of recharge of ground water –>Percolation

#Mathematically hydraulic conductivity V = kf

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#Vertical water flow rate is governed by –>Darcys Law

#Colloidal particles negatively charged , high surface area , high CEC(150-300 mol/kg), High water holding capacity than silicaclay –>Humus

#Largest source of error in soil testing programme comes from–>Soil sample

#For soil testing in excessive wet areas–>Pot hole auger is used

#Extent of organic matter in soil –>chromic acid used

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#For determining available N in soil –>Aspergillus niger test used

#N content is also determined easily by –>Alkaline permanganate method

#At wilting coefficient water is held with force of –>15 atmospheres

#Available water –>between field capacity (-0.3 bar) and PWP (-15bars)

#% of Carbon dioxide in soil air –>0.3%(higher than in atmosphere)

#Overall effect of submergence is –>Increase in pH ,deficiency of. micronutrients

#Bengal femine 1943 / brown spot of rice is caused by ? – Helminthosporium oryzae

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#Life cycle of wheat rust is given by ? – K. C. Mehta

#The pathogen associated with the discovery of Bordeaux mixture is ? – Plasmosphora viticola

#First bacterial disease known as fire blight of pear was reported for first time from USA by ? – T. J . Burill

#Udabatta disease of rice is due to ? – Ephelis oryzae

#Ring rust of Aonla is caused by ? – Ravenellia emblica var. fructoidae

#Frog eye leaf spot of tobacco is caused by ? – Cercospora nicotianae (Fungus)

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#Leaf blight of cotton is caused by ? – Alternaria macrospora

#Father of Microbiology is? – Louis Pasteur

#Bacterium was discovered by ? – Anton Leewenhock

#Father of Modern Plant Pathology is ? – Anton de Berry

#Bordeaux mixture was developed by ? – P.M.A.Millardet

#Central Plant Protection Training Institute is situated at ? – Hyderabad (A.P.)

#Integrated pest control ( IPM) term was coined by ? – Bartlett (1956)

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#The term “Pest Management” was given by ? – Geier (1970)

#Father of Insect Physiology is ?- Wiggelworth

#DDT was discovered by ? – Paul Hermann Muller

#First insecticide discovered was ? – DDT

#Plant Protection and Quarantine Act was passed in the year ? – 1912

#Insecticide Act was passed in ? – 1968

(General Agriculture)

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