General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-42

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

# Mustard fruit is known as – siliqua 

#Pungency of mustard is done to – isothiocynate

#National seed corporation was established in March – 1963 

#Seed Act was passed in 1966 (29 dec)

#Tetrazolium Test is done for – viability and vigour

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#The Indian seed Act came into force on 2 oct 1969

#NSC started functioning in July 1963

#The head quarter of NSC is – Pusa compus , ND

#National Seed project was launched in – 1976

#The world meteorology is derived from- Greek language

Agriculture One Liner

#International meteorological organization was est. in – 1873

#Division of Agri. Meteorology at pune , Maharashtra was est. in 1932

#Solar radiation is measured by – pyranometer(total incoming radiations)

#Agro Ecological Zones in India is 8( by NARP ICAR), 21(by NBSSLUP)—but now only 20

#Agro -climatic zones (15 nos.) are formed in India during 7th five year plan (1988)

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#The green Ouse gases are – CO2 , CFC , CH4, etc.

#Indian meteorological Dept. was est. in the year of -1875

#Wind velocity is measured by -Anemometer .

#Father of agro- climatology is – Koppen

#Koppen classified the climate based on – temperature & Precipitation

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#The study of weather is called – meteorology

#The term weed was firstly used by – jethrotull

#National Research centre for weed science is situated at-Jabalpur (MP)

#Commercial mycoherbices first appeared in market USA in early 1980s

#National horticulture board was Gurgaon (Haryana )

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# First all India coordinated floriculture Improvement project was started in 1971

#Central temperate Horticulture Research institute is situated at – Srinagar (J&K)

#International institute of horticulture is situated in – Brazil

#Who is the father of pomology – Decandolle

#National horticulture board was est. in the year 1984

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#Who was the first deputy director general of horticulture , ICAR – dr. K.L. Chadha

#Which vegetable rank first among vegetable crops in production in the world – potato

#In India , potato was introduced by Portuguese in 1965

#Research on potato was stared at IARI New Delhi in – 1935

#The International potato centre was 1971 at lima (Peru)

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#Central potato Research Institute was est. in – 1949

#Seed plant technique was developed by – Dr. Pushkarnath

#The Head quarter of CPRI was Shifted from Patna to Shimla in 1956

#True potato seed concept was first realize to raise commercial crop in India by Dr. S.Ramanujam (Fist director of CPRI)

#Cauliflower was introduced in India by Dr. Jemson from Kew Garden, London in the year 1822

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#Male sterility in cauliflower was introduced by Peerson (1981)

#The toxic substance of cucurbits is – cucurbitacin

#Which hormones are used in cucurbits to modify sex and to induce femaleness – GA & NAA

#Seedless variety of mango is – Sindhu (devloped at FRS vengurula )

#Most exported variety of mango is – Alphonso

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#Black tip in mango is a physiological disorder due to brick clin fumes mostly CO, SO2 or deficiency of boron

#Which type of incompatibility is found in mango – gemtophytic

#Mango variety , most suitable for high density planting is Amarpali

#Mango inflorescence contains , which type of flowers – male and hermaphrodite

#The off season mango variety is – Niranjan

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