General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-43

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

#The only mutant cultivarr of mango is – Rosica

#Magnifera contains about 41 species

#The regular bearing varieties of mango are – neeum , Banglora , pairi, etc .

#Mosambi a sweet orange cultivar was introduced from – Mozambi ue

#The edible portion of citrus fruits is –juicy placental hairs

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#The first record of the name grape fruit in jamaica was in – 1814

#The Banana breeding was first stared at – Imperial college of tropical agriculture in Trinidad (1922)

#Banana Breeding was stared in India in 1949 at central Banana Research station , aduthurai (TN)

#Banana can be stored at – 13 C and 85 % RH

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#Banana initiate flowering 9-12 months after Planting

#The notice is papaya is tropical America

#The yellow pigment in papaya is carcaxanthin

#Papaya is the richest source of vitamin A next to mango it contains 2020 IU/ 100 g fruit

#King of temperate fruit is – Apple

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#Family of apple is Rosaceae

#Mother of all delicious group of cultivars is – red delicious

#The king of arid fruit is ber

#The commercial propagation method off grape is – hard wood cutting

#In India the black soil is mostly fond in – Maharashtra

#Red soil is mostly found in – Tamilnadu

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#The soil which is most suitable for most crops is – sandy loam

#Red colour in the red soils is due to presence of various oxides of irons

#The vertical section of the soil showing the various layers from the surface to the unaffected parent material is known as – soil profile .

#The arrangement of soil particles and their aggregate into certain defined is called – soil structure

#Particle density of soil is also known as – true density

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#Generally the particles density of normal soil is – 2.65 gram/cm3

#The bulk density of normal soil is – 1.33 g/cm 3

#The formula of porosity of soil is – porosity =100-(bulk density / Particle density )

#The certain exchange capacity (CEC) of montmorillonite is – 60-100 me / 100 gm

#The first soil classification system was developed by – russion scientist Dokuchaev (1880)

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#The U.S classification system the soil orders are – 10

#Formula of bulk density is= wt. of soil / volume of solids and pores

#Law of minimum was given by – Vn Liebig (1840) 

#Top most mineral horizon is – A horizon

#exchangeable sodium %age is also known as soluble %age

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#The term pH was introduced by Sorensen (1909)

#Energy exchange elements are H & O

#K & Na is determined by Flame Photometer

#Micro nutrient is also known as – trace element , Oligo -element or spurned elements

#Crop logging techniqueue was given by – H. F. Clements

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#Metal nutrients are – K, fe, Ca, Mg, Mn, Zn, Cu.

#Highly mobile nutrients are – N,P,K.

#Criteria of essentiality was proposed by Arnon & Stout (1939)

#The term fictional nutrient was proposed by – Nicholas (1961)

#Moderate mobile nutrient is Zn

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#FYM contains – 0.5% N , 0.2 % P2O5 & 0.5 % K2O

#The P is available at 6-7 pH

#Bio fertilizers are – Rhizobium , Azotobacter, Azospirillum , PSB, VAM,BGA, etc.

#Approx. 20 gram of rhizobium culture is required to treat one kg seed 200. One packet of rhizobium culture contains 20 gram of rhizobium culture

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