General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-46

Agriculture One Liner

#vertical resistance is governed by- One or few genes

#The resistance of host to the all race of a pathogen is known as – Horizontal resistance

#The concept of gene for gene hypothesis was first developed by- flor in 1946

#The disease resistance is governed by- several genes

#Who developed the concept of vertical and horizontal resistance – j. E . Vender Plank (1963)

#Father of genetic engineering is – Pual Berg

#Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was developed by – Dr. Karl Mullis (1980)

#Golden rice was developed by Ingo protrykus and peter bayer

#The plant part , which is used for regeneration is called – Explant

#A mass of regenerated cells i culture medium is called – Callus

#the suspension of free cells of callus in a liquid medium is known as – Suspension culture

#the regeneration capacity or ability of a plant cell to develop into whole plant is known as – Totipotency

#What is the embryogenesis – It is the process of formation of somatic embryos from callus

#the process of dirrerentiation of shoot & root from the somatic embyos is called – organogenesis

#Regeneration of whole plant from anther is called – anther culture

#Haploid are developed by – Anther culture

#The Blue biotechnology is a term that has been used to describe – The marine and a uatic application of to describe

#The biotechnology applied to agriculture process is known as -Industrial Biotechnology

#the first genetically modified food product was a -Tomato , which was transformed to delay its ripening

#M-RNA is primarily used for – Transcription of DNA

#RFLP stands for – Restricting fragment length polymorphism

#plant tissue culture was begun by – G. Haberlandt (geman botanist ) in 1808

#research in the area of tissue culture was first stared in india at – Department of Botany , DU in 1960s

#National bureau of plant genetics resources is situated at -New Delhi

#The project on Indian mustard oil with higher b-carotene is initiated by – TERI

#A genotype developed by the process of genetic engineering is called – Transgenic

#what is gene cloning – A technique of genetic engineering , which is used to make several identical copies of a gene is called gene cloning

#which soil borne bacterium is used for developed of transgenic plants – agrobacterium tumifaciens

#In potato , the protein quality has been improved by – transferring serum albumin gene from human

#In tobacco , cold resistance power has been achieved by tranering gene from -Arabidopsis thaliana

#Little leaf of citrus is caused by – MLO,s

#Pahala blighted s.cane is caused due to deficiency of – Mn

#Reclamation disease is caused due to the deficiency of – Cu

#Late blight of potato is caused by – Phytophthora infestence (fungi)

#Bunchy top of banana is caused by – virus

#Grassy shoot disease of s.cane is caused by – mycoplasma

#kresek in rice is caused by – Xanthomonas oryzae

#heart rot of sugar beat is casued by – Deficiency of boron

#Most dangerous disease of potato – Late blight of potato

#Philology disease in plants is caused by – Mycoplasma

#Club root of cauliflower is caused by- Plasmodiosphora brassicae

#Sheath blight of rice is caused by- Rhizoctonia solani

#vector of leaf -curl disease in cotton is – White flies

#Orobanche is a parasite associated with – tobacco

#Akiochi disease is due to – sulphur toxicity

#White rust of crucifers is caused by – Albugo, candida , fungi

#Ufra disease in rice is caused by- Nematode

#Whiptail of cauliflower is due to the deficiency of – Mo.

#Vector of rice tungro virus is – Green leaf hopper

#Kresek symptom is found in – Bacterial blight

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