General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-47

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

#loose smut disease of wheat is a – Internally seed Borne

#Mantek Disease of rice is caused by – Rice root nematode

#Yellow leaves of tea occur due to the deficiency of – Sulphur

#Die back of shoots occur due to deficiency of – Copper

# die back is the major disease of rose in India

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#Crop showing maximum resistance to nematode is – marigold

#The late blight disease destroy the potato crop of Ireland in 1845

#Father of pathology is – Anton de berry

#Father of mycology is – P.A. Micheli

#Life cycle of wheat rust is given by – K.C. Mehta

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#Top sickness of tobacco is caused by – Deficiency of boron

#The pathogen associated with the discovery of bordeause mixture is – Plasmosphora viticola

#Loose smut of wheat can be controlled by seed treatment of – Vitavax

# Late blight of potato was introduced in India for first-time in – nilgiri –hills

#Black heart of potato is caused by – Poor ventilation in storage (lock of oxygen)

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#The tundu disease of wheat is usually associated with nematode known as – anguina tririci

#Udabatta disease of rice is due to — Ephelis oryzae

#Ring rust of Aonla is caused by – Ravenellia emblica var. fructoidae

#Flag smut of wheat is caused by – Urouystis gramines

#Leaf curl disease of tobacco is caused by virus and it is transmitted by – White fly

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#Leaf blight of cotton is caused by – Alternaria macrospora

#father of nematology – Bastian

#Father of Microbiology – Louis Pasteur

#Bacterium was discovered by – Antony van leewenhock

#fungicide used in the control of smut is – Vitavax

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#father of modern Plant pathology is – Anton de Berry

#bordeaux mixture was developed by – P.M.A. Millardet

#Common nematicides are – DD Mixture , Phorate , Etylene bromide , etc.

#Central Plant protection training institute is situated at – Hyderabad ( AP)

#first plant protection adviser to govt. of India – H.S. Pruthvi.

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#integrated pest control term was coined by – Bartlett ( 1956)

#The Term “ Pest Management “ was given by – Geier (1970)

#The blood colour of insects is – Green with yellow

#Honeybees belongs to the order of – Hymenoptera

#Entomology word was taken from – Greek language

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#Father of Insect Physiology is – Wiggelworth

#The first pesticide was discovered by -Millardet-(1882)

#DDT was discovered by – Zedler scientist

#First insecticide discovered was – DDT

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#Plant protection and quarantine Act was pased in the year of – 1912

#insecticide act was passed in 1968

#destructive insect and Pest Act was passed in – 1914

#Maximum % age of insecticide is used in which crop – Cotton (54 %)

#“Warfarin “ is a rodenticide

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#Contact insecticides are – DDT, Malathian , Aldicarb , Monocrotophos , Aldrin , etc.

#Bio pesticides are – NPV, GV, Bacillus thuringiensis etc.

#Pest population should be kept below the – Economic Threshold level

#Very safest insecticidede for honeybee – Endosulphon

#Rat poison is known as – Zinc phosphide (Zn3P2)

#Lead arsenate was first used in 1832 by Moulton

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