General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-49

Agriculture One Liner

#Total number of national bureaux are – six

#Formula of coefficient of variance is – SD/Mean *100

#t test is generally used , when sample size is < 30

#The correlation coefficient lies between – -1 to + 1

#The experimental design ,which simultaneously control the variation in two directions is known as LSD

#The basic principles of field experimentation – 1 Replication 2 Randomized 3 Local control

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#The technique of analysis of variance was developed by – R.A. Fisher

#If fertility gradient of land is in two directions , the experimental design will be – Latin Square design

#the most commonly used measure of control tendency is – Arithmetic mean

#Cumulative frequency is also known as – Ogive

#The term ’ Kurtosis ’ was given by – Karl Pearon (1906)

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#Laplace used the normal distribution in – Analysis of errors of experiments

#the important method of least squares was introduced by – Legendre in 1805

#The name “ Normal distribution “ was coined independently by – Peirce Galton and Lexix , (1875)

#Normal distribution is also known as – Law of error ,law of facility of error, lapace’s seconf law , gaussion law etc.

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#Generalize mean is also known as – Power mean or Holder mean

#The standard deviation is widely used measure of – Variability ordisperson

#The term standard deviation was first used by – Karl Pearson in 1894

#if mean , medium and mode is equal , then skewness will be – zero

#Correlation’s are useful because they can indicate a – Predictive relationship

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#which ANOVA is used when the experimenter want to study the effects of two or more treatment variables – Factorial ANOVA

#Which ANOVA is used when the subjects are subjects to repeated measures , in which the same subjects are used for each treatment – Two- Way Anova

#The completely randomized design is considered to be most useful in situation where 1. The experimental units are homogeneous 2. The experimental are small such as Laboratory experiments 3. Some experimental units are likely to be destroyed

#In field experiments the commonly used design is – RBD

#For chi- square test , the minimum sample size should be – 50

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#Define biometry – It deals with observation with living thing

#mean , median and mode are equal in – normal distribution

#most frequent number in a data set , is known as – mode 

#the well-known example of skewed distribution is – Personal wealth

#Harmonic mean is the – Reciprocal of arithmetic mean

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#the term z – test is often used to refer specifically to the – one sample location test

#t Test is a – Parametric test

#the goodness of fit test is also known as – kolmogorov – smirnov test

#The number of independent pieces of information that go into the estimate of a parameter is called – Degree of freedom

#The typical symbol for degree of freedom is – d.f.

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#F-test was coined by – George W. Snedecor , in honour of sir Ronald A fisher

#The term “ water harvesting “ was first used by – myors

#The force working with the attraction of water molecules toward each other is known as – Cohesion

# The force working with the attraction of water molecules toward solid particles is known as – Adhesion 

#The water held tightly to the surface of soil particles by adsorption forces is known as – Hygroscopic water

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#Water held by force of surface as continuous film around soil particles and in capillary space is known as – capillary water

#Capillary water is held between tension of 31 and 1/3 atmosphere

#the movement of water from the surface into the soil is Called – Infiltration

#The water moves freely in response to gravitational force and drain out of the soil is called as gravitational water

#the water between field capacity & permanent wilting point is called as – Available water

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#Drip irrigation concept was proposed by – Simcha blass

#One ha. Cm of irrigation is equal to 100000 litters

#major source of irrigation in India is wells (52%)

#Which irrigation method is widely used in fruit orchard – Bain method

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