General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-50

General Agriculture

General Agriculture

#the automatic method of surface irrigation is – Coblegation

#leading state in drip irrigation in India is – Maharashtra

#Soil moisture is measured by – Tension meter

#Water requirement of irrigation wetland rice is about –1500MM

#total water requirement of sugarcane crop is 200-300 cm

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#in saline soil , the method for irrigation used s – flood method

#pF value was first introduced by- Schofield

#vertical movement of water in soil is known as – Percolation

#ET are measured by – Lysimeter

# parsall flume is used for measurement of – water Flow

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#Sericulture is also known as –Silk Farming

#the rearing of silkworms for the production of raw silk is known as – Sericulture

#How much silkworms are required to produce 1kg of silk 5500

#How much people are engaged in various sericulture activities in the country – 60 lakh

#Central Sericulture research & Training Institute is situated at – Mysore , Karnataka

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#Sericulture has been practiced for at least 5000 years in china

#Apiculture is also known as bee keeping

#Apiculture word was taken from – Latin world

#A location where bees are kept is called An Apiary

#A beekeeper is also known as – Apiarist

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#A beekeeper bee in order to – Collect honey , bee wax, to pollinate crops , to produce bees for sale

#What is beekeeping – It is maintenance of honey bee colonies , commonly in hives , by humans.

#the two economically important products of bee keeping is Honey and wax

#average yield of Indian bee is – 6-8 Kg /Cony / year

#The main freshwater fish are – Cop and catfish

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#the main brackish – water fish are – Hilsa and mullet

#central Institute of marine Fisheries Research was established – Kochi , kerla

#The central inland fisheries Institute was established at – Barrack pure (W.B)

#The central institute of fisheries technology was est. at – Wwellindon Island near Kochi , Kerala

#Hydroponics’ is also known as – Soil less culture

(General Agriculture)

#The Method of growing plants using minerals nutrients solutions , in water, without soil is called – hydroponics

#In 1699 john Woodward published his water culture experiment with the crop of – Spearmint

#Hydroponics traditionally known as – solution culture

#First time who promoted that solution culture can be used for agriculture crop production – Prof. William Frederich Gericks , University of California at Berkeley in 1929

#The term Aquaculture for hydroponics was used for the first time by Prof. William F.G.

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#The Mutant Varity of rice is – Jagannath

#The Pecursor of vitamin – A is – Bita carotene

#Azolla is a – a uatic fern

The Blur revolution in India was started during – fifth five year plan (1970)

(General Agriculture)

#Evergreen revolution is related to – Sustainable crop Production

#Precision Farming is also known as – Site specific management

#SRI technique Was developed in – Madagascar

#The term synecology was given by – Schroter & Kirchner (1902)

#Pusa Mukta is the cultivar of Cabbage

(General Agriculture)

#World’s super rice variety , which is suitable for saline / Alkaline soil conditions is –Lunishree

#NRCMAP is currently est. at- An and (Gujarat)

#IPR stands for – intellectual Property Right

#Beaufort Scale is used t measure – WIND pressure / strength

#What is dioeciously ? Those plants which contain on male and female flowers

#The element that play an important male and female protoplasm constituent is – calcium

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