General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 11

1. A typical distinguishable character of an Acuminata banana is ?

Ans. Pseudostem colour.

2. A typical hopper burn in rice is caused by feeding of ?

Ans. BPH.

3. A variety of mango used for pulp extraction for soft drinks ?

Ans. Totapuri.

4. A variety produced by crossing in all combinations a number of lines that combine well each other ?

Ans. Synthetic variety.

5. A variety produced by mixing the seeds of several phenotypically outstanding lines (varieties) ?

Ans. Composite variety.

6. A vertical section of soil through all its horizons ?

Ans. Soil Profile .

7. A weather abnormality form is ?

Ans. Cyclone.

8. A weather condition over a given region during a longest period. ?

Ans. Climate.

9. A weed causes off flavour in wheat flour ?

Ans. Wild rice.

10. A weed used for rope making ?

Ans. Thatch grass .

11. A working soil sample weighs ?

Ans. 500 gm.

12. A x B = F1?

Ans. Single cross hybrid .

13. A young cucumber suitable for pickling ?

Ans. Gherkin.

14. Flowering Setting Hormone is ?

Ans. NAA.

15. A+B+C horizons together called as ?

Ans. Regolith.

16. A+B+Parent material is referred to as ?

Ans. Regolith.

17. AAY means ?

Ans. Antyodaya Anna Yojana .

18. Ability of a plant cell to grow & develop to a complete plant is called ?

Ans. Totipotency.

19. Abiotic environment does not include ?

Ans. Plants.

20. Abnormal leaf fall of Rubber normally occurs in period ?

Ans. June-Aug.

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