General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 14

1. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Jai Vigyan was a slogan given by ?

Ans. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

2. Air layering is also called ?

Ans. Gooty.

3. Air layering is practiced in ?

Ans. Jasmine/Hibiscus/Guava/Cashew/ Sapota.

4. Air layering was first practiced in ?

Ans. China.

5. Air temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed & direction in the upper atmosphere is measured by ?

Ans. Radiosonde.

6. Air layering is mostly used in ?

Ans. Guava, citrus, pomegranate.

7. Aiswarya is a————variety of Rice ?

Ans. Medium duration (120-125 days), suitable for kharif and rabi season.

8. Akiochi disease is caused by ?

Ans. H2S toxicity.

9. Alachlor, Butachlor and Propanil belong to the chemical group ?

Ans. Amide.

10. Albedo of grass is ?

Ans. 20-25%.

11. Albizzia is a ?

Ans. Ornamental shade tree.

12. Alkaline soil is also called as ?

Ans. Solanetz and Black alkali.

13. Alkaline soils have more—–ions & less—–ions ?

Ans. OH- & H+.

14. Alkaloid content present in sorghum leaves ?

Ans. HCN (Dhurin alkaloid).

15. All actual expenses in cash and kind incurred in production by owner operator ?

Ans. Cost-A.

16. All India Soil and Land Use Survey Head Quarters is located at ?

Ans. IARI New delhi.

17. All insecticides are pesticides, but not all pesticides are insecticides”. whether the above statement is True/False ?

Ans. True.

18. All the populations of the different species living and interacting in the same ecosystem ?

Ans. Community.

19. All weather phenomena (i.e. Rain, fog, frost, clouds) occur in the zone of ?

Ans. Troposphere.

20. Allahabad Safeda & Lucknow-49 are varieties of ?

Ans. Guava.

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