General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 24

1. Best stage for harvesting of oat is ?

Ans. Dough stage.

2. Best suited variety for high density planting of papaya ?

Ans. Pusa nanha (1.25m×1.25m).

 3. Best time for prunning of ber ?

Ans. End of May to Mid June.

 4. Best variety of potato for chips making ?

Ans. Nendran.

 5. BHC (Benzene Hexa Chloride) is now commonly known as ?


 6. Biggest river basin of India ?

Ans. Ganga.

 7. Bio energy plant ?

Ans. Jatropha.

 8. Biochemically weathered upper portion of Regolith is ?

Ans. Soil.

 9. Biocontrol agent of Salvinia ?

Ans. Cyrtobagous salviniae weevil.

10. Bio control of Foot rot in Black Pepper involves use of ?

Ans. Trichoderma/VAM/pseudomonas.

11. Bio-drainage plant ?

Ans. Eucalyptus tereticornis.

12. Plant that absorb dew very efficiently ?

Ans. Horse Gram.

 13. Biological control of African Payal is successfully done by ?

Ans. Cytobagus salviniae.

14. Biologically active form of glucose ?

Ans. D- Dextrose form.

15. Bio-super is made up of ?

Ans. Rock phosphate + Sulpher + Sulphur oxidizing bacteria.

16. BIPOLARIS is used to control weed ?

Ans. Johnson grass/Barnyard grass.

17. Birds belong to the phylum —– and class ———-?

Ans. Chordata & Aves.

18. Bitterness in cucumber is due to ?

Ans. Cucurbitacin.

19. Bitterness in jute is due to ?

Ans. Corchorin.

20. Black arm or bacterial blight of jute is due to ?

Ans. Xanthomonas compestris.

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