General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 28

1. Bush pepper is raised from————–of pepper ?

Ans. Lateral branches-plagiotropes.

 2. By-product of Sugarcane ?

Ans. Molllasses and Baggasses.

 3. Common Viral disease of poultry ?

Ans. Ranikhet disease.

 4. C3 cycle is also known as ?

Ans. Blackman reaction .

 5. C3 plants are ?

Ans. Rice, Wheat, Pea, Soybean etc.

 6. C3/Dark reaction/Calvin cycle take place in ?

Ans. Stroma of Chlorophyll.

 7. C4 cycle is also known as ?

Ans. Hatch and slack pathway.

 8. C4 plants are ?

Ans. Maize, Sorghum, Sugarcane, millets, Pineapple etc.

 9. C4 plants have ?

Ans. Kranz type leaf .

10. C4 plants normally give more biological yield than C3 plants because of ?

Ans. Less respiration.

11. C4 plants prefer comparatively higher temperature than ?

Ans. C3.

12. C4/Light reaction/Hill reaction take place in ?

Ans. Grana of Chlorophyll.

13. Ca is essential for ?

Ans. Cell wall formation.

14. Ca, Mg and S are ?

Ans. Secondary macronutrients.

15. Cabbage’s economic part is ?

Ans. Green leaves.

16. CaCO3 is used to improve the soil Condition of ?

Ans. Water logged soil.

17. CACP (1965) stands for ?

Ans. Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices.

18. CADA means ?

Ans. Command Area Development Authority.

19. Infloresence of sugarcane is known as ?

Ans. Arrow.

20. CALIXIN’ is the trade name of ?

Ans. Tridemorph.

21. CAM denotes ?

Ans. Crassulacean Acid Metabolism.

22. ———–can be grown as a hedge plant ?

Ans. Polyalthia/Casuarina/Acalypha/ Phyllanthus/Bougainvillea.

23. —————-can be grown as an intercrop in Coconut gardens ?

Ans. Congosignal Grass.

24. ———can be used as a food preservative ?

Ans. Benzoic acid & Sulphur dioxide/Sio2 & KMS.

25. ———————Can be utilized as a Molluscicide ?

Ans. Metaldehyde/Carbofuran/Phorate/ Copper sulphate/Sodium chloride.

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