General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 31

1. Chairman of National Commission for Farmers ?

Ans. Dr. M.S. Swaminathan

2. Present Chairman of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) ?

Ans. Shri Dilip Rath.

3. Chambakad Large is a variety of ?

Ans. Indian Gooseberry-Nelli.

4. Chanalization begins from which mechanism of water erosion ?

Ans. Rill erosion.

5. Change in normal crop planning to meet weather abnormalities is termed as ?

Ans. Contingent planning.

6. Change of floral organs to leaf like structures is known as ?

Ans. Phyllody.

7. Characters which are governed/controlled by several genes each having small individual effect. ?

Ans. Polygenic Traits.

8. Chasmogamy was found in ?

Ans. Rice Barely,Wheat and Oat.

9. Chawki stand , Netrika , RKO powder etare related terms of ?

Ans. Sericulture.

10. Cheapest N fertilizer, suitable for foliar spray ?

Ans. Urea (46%N).

11. Chelisoches moris is a natural enemy of ?

Ans. Red Palm weevil.

12. Chemical or physical agent which greatly enhances the frequency of mutation. ?

Ans. Mutagen.

13. Chemical used for polyploidy breedling ?

Ans. Colchicine.

14. Chemical used to break seed dormancy ?

Ans. Thiourea & Potasium nitrate.

15. Chemicals used for weed control are called ?

Ans. Herbicides.

16. Chemicals which retard transpiration rate called ?

Ans. Anti-transparent.

17. Chestnut compound contains ———-&————?

Ans. Copper sulphate & Ammonium Carbonate.

18. Chestnut compound is mainly used for—————-?

Ans. Soil Drenching.

19. Chi square test was given by ?

Ans. Karl pearson.

20. Chiasmata occurs at ?

Ans. Diplotene stage.

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