General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 35

1. Commercial formulation of the acarcide Teradifon is ?

Ans. Teedion.

2. Common causing agent of Damping-off ?

Ans. Pythium.

3. Common herbicide used in rice crop field ?

Ans. Anilophos and Butachlor.

4. Common herbicide used to control weeds in wheat ?

Ans. 2, 4-D.

5. Common household sugar ?

Ans. Sucrose.

6. Common varieties of urdbean ?

Ans. Pant U-30, JU-2, Type-9, Barkha, Gwalior-2.

7. Commonly followed soil particle (According to their size) classified in India is ?

Ans. International Society of Soil Science (ISSS).

8. Commonly used method for transfer of disease resistancy from one variety to another variety. ?

Ans. Back cross method.

9. Commonwealth Institute of Biological control, Bangalore was established in ?

Ans. 1957.

10. Communication is a ?

Ans. Two way/Double way Process.

11. Community Development Project (CDP) was started on ?

Ans. 2nd Oct, 1952.

12. Composite varieties of maize ?

Ans. Jawahar, Vikram, Kishan, Ambar, Sona, Vijay..

13. Composite variety is developed by ?

Ans. Cross pollination.

14. Concentration of a nutrient in plant tissue where growth of the plant is slowed down ?

Ans. Critical concentration.

15. Normally Concentration of Bordeaux mixture is ?

Ans. 1% (1:1:100).

16. Concentration of Bordeaux paste is ?

Ans. 10% (1:1:10).

17. Concept “Essentiality of elements” was proposed in 1939 by ?

Ans. Arnon and Stout.

18. Concept of lawn was developed in ?

Ans. England.

19. Concept of pure line was given by ?

Ans. Johnson .

20. Concept of Village Level Worker was related with the programme ?

Ans. Sri Niketan (Ravindranath Tagore).

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